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filter pane values in service are showing in black when the page color is dark

I noticed that couple of users have posted about having the values in filter pane on service showing in black when using a dark theme, this is preventing from the ability to see the values to be selected.



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Hi  all ,

This issue has been fixed , please check it in Power BI Service . Thanks for your patience and cooperation !


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao


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it was also tested on Edge, Chrome and Safari and still the same. Also it was tested on the 

Microsoft sample reports (Sales and Returns), just to ensure it wasnt our code, and got the same result.

Get samples for Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn and still the same.

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Want to add confirmation this is a wide spread issue.

We have verified at our company at least two clients who are also displaying the exact same behavior as posted by @Idrissshatila.

Issue affects any reports on the service with filter pane formatting where the text was white and is now dark. 

It does not appear to matter if the desktop report was created from scratch or a formatted template prior to publishing. Once published to the service the formatting is changed from white to dark. 

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Same issue found in 2019 and beyond.  


Microsoft will need to fix this as this is Power BI Service and we need it resolved.

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi  @Idrissshatila 

So what you're saying is that when you use the dark theme in Service, the value in slicer automatically changes the color of the value, resulting in no way to select it correctly, right?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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@v-yetao1-msft , true, when using a dark theme the values in the values in the filter pane are showing black resulting that it's not clear.

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Same issue on all reports on service, except I'm not using a theme.  I have a customer blue background with white Text in desktop, but the text is black in service.  I first noticed this issue on 4/8/24.

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It seems rather silly that in order for an obvious bug to get fixed we have to open one of these issues and hope we get enough votes that it will get fixed!


@v-yetao1-msft  It does appear that Microsoft is aware of this because the reportThemeSchema-2.126.json specifically states that the foregroundColor option "Sets the color for most text, buttons, and icons in the filter cards."

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I agree with previous comment.  Clearly a bug.  Shouldn't need votes to get it on your priority list.

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Our default theme/color palette uses a dark background in our filter pane, with filter text and filter lists in white.  It's been this way for several years now.  No problems.


Until this week.


So yes, this is definitely a bug in the latest Service update.  Not an issue in Desktop.  And definitely not something that we should be expected to fix using Desktop.  


@v-yetao1-msft , does that help?

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Hi guys

The browser theme is not causing the problem, clearly this is a bug that must be fixed.