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Stuck at Creating Connection Model

I am stuck at this point when I click on the Refresh button. Looks like there is a problem in September 2021 update, I've downgraded to August and it's working fine.



Status: Accepted
Helper II

Any idea to fix this issue ?


I have imported a SQL Server table with 6k rows, no problem.


But with a table with thousands and thousands of rows I'm stucked at "Creationg connection in model".


I've downgraded to the August 2021 version, but my pbix are not compatible.


I'm currently using the latest version of October 2021


Version: 2.98.882.0 64-bit (Oktober 2021)

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The app continued to appear to be stuck at "Creating Connection in Model" after reverting to Aug 2021 version, but it wasn't.  It simply wasn't providing the status indications I was used to.  The refresh completed in the normal time - transitioned directly from "Creating Connection in Model" to "Success" when it finished.


It will be nice to get normal indications back when this is finally fixed.

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I hope they take the opportuniy to improve the status dialog box, evolving it into a more detailed update window, with more information on what is going on during the update.

Lets hope for November update.

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Hi everyone,


had the same problem only with one pbix file. I couldn't load data from excel file on local drive.

So, in addition to mentioned actions, i.e.

  1. roll back to august version,
  2. remained only one option checked on Options - Current File - Data load tab - "Auto date/ime" (otherwise my model ruins) - solution published here



The above actions did not helped, but next action made my day:

3. Just disable autorecovery for current file



Then, save file, closed it and open again!

Try to import data into model.



PS: May be first 2 action unnecessary at all.

Kudo Collector

Apparently fixed in today's version: 2.98.1004.0

Resolver I

So much better!!!

Frequent Visitor

Confirming the issue is solved with version 2.98.1004.0

Regular Visitor

Yep, now fixed for me.  I can now see progress is being made which is much better for reports which take a while to refresh.  Thanks.

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Downloaded the newest version and still unable to import data into the model.

Kudo Collector

@vnj are you unsing the 64bit version?

Is it stuck the same way or changed the behaviour?