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BUG: What If Parameter Color Formatting

I have included a few What If parameters in a dashboard, and noticed some strange behavior. The What If parameter slider color custom formatting option does not behave correctly. I created a simple Measure that toggles between two colors. When applied to a Shape object, the Shape changes color as the measures condition is met. The What If parameter does NOT change color despite the measures condition being met. The What If parameter never changes color.


Here is a screenshot of the issue:




When the Color slicer value is changed, an underlying measure updates the color value, however this change is only being reflected on the Shape.


For reference the Measure formula is as follows:


I am unable to attach .pbix files to this post, but I have created a repro pbix file, please PM for more.


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Community Support


According to your description, do you mean that you want to make the color change with the selection of your “What-if” parameter?

I think you can create a new measure like this and set it as the background color of your textbox:

Color = SWITCH([Parameter Value],






Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Microsoft Employee

Hey, thanks for replying!


That's not quite the issue I'm having. I am looking for the color of the WhatIf parameter slider to change. If you look at the screenshot I provided, the slider circle is yellow, as is the rectangle. 


The Color slicer controls a measure that swaps color from "#7FBA00" (greenish) to "#FFB901" (yellowish) 

In the screenshot, only the rectangle Shape is correctly swapping color. The What If Parameter stays yellow despite both objects having the conditional measure applied to their Color formula

Community Support


I have reported this issue internally, ICM: 263990281

I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support


I’ve got this message from pg:

Slicers don't filter themselves, otherwise you would only see one choice and would never be able to change your selection. If you set a visual-level filter, you can see it change color. But then the slicer cannot be used to change selection to other Parameter values.  "Color By selected value" cannot be evaluated for the source slicer. Use aggregate measures - and it will only react to page filter state, not itself.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin