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Stuck at Creating Connection Model

I am stuck at this point when I click on the Refresh button. Looks like there is a problem in September 2021 update, I've downgraded to August and it's working fine.



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Same issue here, can you make the previous working version available for download until it is fixed?

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Hi, just to add here, I've been chasing down this same issue I've been having and eventually finding that the "Sept" release (+Oct!) seems to be the cause.  Coupled with ORACLE connection issues (new set-up), I've wasted too much time with this.  Thanks to those here who discovered the cause and wrote about it.

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You can download previous versions from here, scroll to the bottom of the month you want and the link is there

Here are the links for the August version:

Select the following links to download this earlier version:

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I also am stuck on this since last week, couldn't refresh a report with latest changes to M. 

Also, I realised that M won't evaluate even a data table query which does not use any data. 

The first line is DateTime.LocalNow won't evaluate 

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Same here! Absolutely frustrating.

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Normally I would be singing the praises of Power BI but this issue is beyond infuriating as it is not something I am able to workaround. I have had to revert back to July's version as neither August/September will complete a manual refresh.

One report of mine for example that would normally take around 20 to 30 minutes to fully update using multiple sources including use of dataflows - Dynamics CRM (OData) & Navision (SQL), & Direct Query) was initiated at 5pm yesterday and was still stuck on this message at 8am today. I had to cancel it again as it causes company wide system issues after the evaluation stage.

Direct Query to MS SQL Server now works on the older version, but CRM (I expect I'll be waiting all day to get past Evaluating... for one table). Also the "Data last refreshed" mouse over tooltip appears to be missing from September's version when looking at tables in the Fields listing.

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I am able to refresh using Aug version, but it still takes an hour (pulling only 1 table with 1m rows). 

It's the power query mushup container that's causing the issues. 

majority of the heavy ETL is done in sql, but even small report-specific modifications are a major issue, power query processes take up all the cpu. 

I had to bring literally all the logic into sql, and now it takes about 40min but at least power BI itself doesn't get frozen anymore. Really, really bad form to issue a release like this. And still not fixed - already been going on for weeks. I will never upgrade until I check this website for the signs of badness again


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If a fix is available, why do we need to wait until the November release for it? This is a production issue and rolling back to previous versions is not an option for some of us.

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October 22, 2021, new release: 2.98.882.0

I was hoping it was the fix, but no luck. 

Tested and same behaviour.

Let's wait for November release then...

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@saie5073 Yep unable to rollback to a previous version. All my reports no matter the source (.csv, .xlsx, Sql Server) are gridlocked on this error.