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Stuck at Creating Connection Model

I am stuck at this point when I click on the Refresh button. Looks like there is a problem in September 2021 update, I've downgraded to August and it's working fine.



Status: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

I have just tried the October release and this is still not fixed, need to roll back to August release again. Please fix this. 

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
Advocate V

@v-yingjl this is still an issue in the October 2021 release. I have just updated and there is still no row count showing, just stuck at creating connection in model.  


What does the status of 'delivered' mean?

Community Support

Hi All,

I’ve got this message from pg:


We have a fix for this internally, which will be released in the November version of Power BI Desktop.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted
Resolver I

Why is this marked Accepted? Waiting another two months for a fix is unacceptable - I can't upgrade to Sept or Oct until this is fixed. 

Kudo Collector

Waiting 2 months for a fix like this is very poor in my opinion. We just moved to a new DB server and had to revert to an old copy of PBI desktop to see what the issue was with some of our queries as the refresh gave no indication of the problem queries (we have about 70). In the end, it was some missing indexes but we would not be able to diagnose this with the most recent two releases.

Frequent Visitor

Agree with all the comments above. Disappointing. This is my first real big bug working with PBI Desktop (for over 2 years now). Never had to revert back to a different version and stay on that version to keep it working. Yikes.

Frequent Visitor

The October release has the same issues; Microsoft you need to fix this; you are better than this.  This is a customer impacting issue and likely much larger than the few of us commenting here on this forum.

Regular Visitor

have the same issue here! ! ! 

Please fix it asap since it has been for 2 month!