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Scorecard Metrics not Staying Up to Date

Hello Support,


I am hoping someone can help me solve a recent issue with my scorecards. Starting 3/7/23 my scorecard goals are not staying updated with the linked reports. 

I have multiple Metrics linked directly to reports. 


The scorecards are no longer auatomatically updating. I have to manually update them by refreshing the connection to the report. Even though the report is automatically refreshing



I have both the report and scorecard data sets set to automatically updated multiple times a day. And despite those occuring without errors the data in the scorecard is not updating. This is causing issues with our performance KPIs.



I have not changed anything in either report to cause the changes. I have even added new goals that are also not updating. 

Status: Delivered

Hi @kaylastarr ,

Seems the issue was resolved, please try again in your side.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Regular Visitor

Yes, I have.

Today I got info:

I have checked with our engineering team  they mentioned that it is known issue in power bi now.

This would get fixed on 23rd and 24th March on all power bi clusters. As a workaround, you can manually refresh their metrics. If you don't want to manually refresh each one you can use this script to refresh all metrics on their scorecards:


New Member

Things got worse for me today, manual refresh under the Connections tab of the metric details no longer works for me. I had to edit the metric and repoint it to my data sources before I was able to reflect today's data. 

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@MPCastillo Try following Powershell Script,

It woked for me well. However - of course- this is still not the solution, because you need to add manually the scorecard id's one by one to the script.


$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

$api = ""

if (!(Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt)) {
    try {
        Install-Module -Scope CurrentUser -Name MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt -AllowClobber -Confirm:$False -Force  
    } catch [Exception] {

$token = (Get-PowerBIAccessToken)["Authorization"]

function GetScorecard($scorecardId) {
    Write-Host "Retrieving scorecard: " -NoNewLine
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest `
        -Uri "$api/v1.0/myorg/scorecards($scorecardId)?`$expand=goals" `
        -Headers @{ "Authorization"=$token }
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green OK
    $scorecard = $response.Content | ConvertFrom-Json
    return $scorecard

function RefreshGoalValueConnection($scorecardId, $goalId) {
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest `
        -Method Post `
        -Uri "$api/v1.0/myorg/scorecards($scorecardId)/goals($goalId)/RefreshGoalCurrentValue()" `
        -Headers @{ "Authorization"=$token }

function RefreshGoalTargetConnection($scorecardId, $goalId) {
    $response = Invoke-WebRequest `
        -Method Post `
        -Uri "$api/v1.0/myorg/scorecards($scorecardId)/goals($goalId)/RefreshGoalTargetValue()" `
        -Headers @{ "Authorization"=$token }

function Run($scorecardId) {
    $scorecard = GetScorecard -scorecardId $scorecardId

    $connectedGoals = @($scorecard.goals | where { $_.valueConnection -or $_.targetConnection })

    Write-Host "Found $($connectedGoals.Count) connected metric(s) in scorecard '$($'."

    if ($connectedGoals.Count -gt 0) {
            foreach ($goal in $connectedGoals) {
                Write-Host "Refreshing connections for metric '$($'"
                if ($goal.valueConnection) {
                    Write-Host -NoNewline "   Value connection:  "
                    RefreshGoalValueConnection -scorecardId $scorecardId -goalId $
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green OK
                if ($goal.targetConnection) {
                    Write-Host -NoNewline "   Target connection: "
                    RefreshGoalTargetConnection -scorecardId $scorecardId -goalId $
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green OK

function ShowPrompt() {
    while ($true) {
        Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Refresh metrics utility"
        $scorecardId = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter scorecard id, or Q to quit"
        if ($scorecardId -eq "q") {
        if (!$scorecardId) {
            Write-Error "Invalid scorecard id"

        Run -scorecard $scorecardId
        Write-Host "`n"


Advocate V

The problem appears to be fixed for me!

Regular Visitor

No, still doesn't work properly on our side. Sourcing datasets are set to automatic refresh and keep refreshing just fine. 

Connected metrics are not updated automatically.

Silly situation - an excellent functionality which makes sense to business, but...just doesn't work.

Regular Visitor

For me it worked for a day and now seems to be broken againt, required a manual refresh this morning. 

Regular Visitor

Issue not fixed for me. In fact, it has gotten stranger. The scorecard has now appeared in every workspace that I am in. It has the same UUID, but now every other user in every other workspace has both workspace permissions to view, as well as workspace permissions to edit

Regular Visitor

Appears to be fixed for us.

Starting from 25.03.2023 all metrics are getting automatic updates just after corresponding datasource refresh.


Frequent Visitor

I can also confirm it now works again for me.

New Member

Still not working for connected datasets..


When do we get an update on this problem?