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Scorecard Metrics not Staying Up to Date

Hello Support,


I am hoping someone can help me solve a recent issue with my scorecards. Starting 3/7/23 my scorecard goals are not staying updated with the linked reports. 

I have multiple Metrics linked directly to reports. 


The scorecards are no longer auatomatically updating. I have to manually update them by refreshing the connection to the report. Even though the report is automatically refreshing



I have both the report and scorecard data sets set to automatically updated multiple times a day. And despite those occuring without errors the data in the scorecard is not updating. This is causing issues with our performance KPIs.



I have not changed anything in either report to cause the changes. I have even added new goals that are also not updating. 

Status: Delivered

Hi @kaylastarr ,

Seems the issue was resolved, please try again in your side.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Helper II

Hi All, I just stumbled upon something interesting that I am hoping somebody else having this issue could help validate.  I went into the PowerBi service today and manually refreshed one of my reports which have scorecard metrics tied to it.


After manually refreshing the report, I went into the scorecard to manually refresh the metrics and I noticed that the metrics had automatically updated.  I repeated this process with a second report and it behaved the same way.  When the report is manually refreshed, the scorecard metrics seem to automatically update.  But when the report refreshes on its schedule, the scorecard metrics fail to update automatically.


Could anyone else having this issue try to manually refresh one of their reports with metrics tied to it and see if the metrics automatically refresh?

Regular Visitor

Confirm the same behaviour in our environment.

Only manual dataset refresh forces metrics to update.

Regular Visitor

@MattBossert I can confirm, same thing is happening for me. I appreciate you posting that because I can now trigger one manual refresh of the dataset and that refreshes 200+ metrics. Much better workaround! 

Advocate V

It worked for me as well. A work around but not a solution.

Frequent Visitor

Manual refresh worked for me too. Scheduled refreshes and refreshes triggered via api seem to be the problem.

Helper II

Agreed, but hopefully it will help Microsoft identifiy and resolve the root cause.  Perhaps the issue actually lies within the scheduled dataset refresh function instead of within the scorecards themselves?

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @kaylastarr ,


This issue has been submitted internally. Please be patient to wait for fixing. If there is any news, I will update it here.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_kalyj

Frequent Visitor

The Same Issue on our Side. Around the 9th of March Scorecards stopped to have updated data.

Even manual refresh do not work.


One of the soution (very manual) is to move a scorecard to another workspace, refresh manually the dataset there and move it back to the initial scorecard.

Regular Visitor

I have been experiencing the same issues as everyone else and can confirm that moving scoreboards across workspaces instantly triggers an update of all metrics. 

New Member

Has anyone that has a Microsft case open receveid any udpates on a possible time frame of resolution?