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Power BI Desktop WebView2 Out Of Memory

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2 running Out of memory. We have identified some of the top causes of this and have the details below. If that does not address your Out of memory problem, contact us at


Out of Memory cause: 

Custom visuals causing memory leak - If you are using any custom visuals and are running into Out of Memory crahses, please try removing the custom visuals to check if it resolves the issue. If it does, please reach out with the visual which was cauing the memory leak so we can address it. 

If you are not using any custom visuals and are still running into this, it could be due to having a lot of report pages and visuals per page. This causes the browser heap memory to exceed the 4GB limit and crash. This is sadly a limitation of chromium. 

Possible workaround 

Status: Delivered

Hi all,


We've noticed your problem, most of this issue is related to report design, you can follow the advice given by the OP to troubleshoot; if the problem persists, you need to collect logs for further investigation.

Since community support engineers don't have that access, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket. If you are a Power BI Pro or Fabric licensee, you can create a support ticket for free and a dedicated Microsoft engineer will come to solve the problem for you. 
It would be great if you continue to share in this issue to help others with similar problems after you know the root cause or solution.


The link of Power BI Support: Support | Microsoft Power BI

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to How to create a support ticket in Power BI - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Frequent Visitor

I got it multiple times when attempting to upload a custom map to Microsoft's Shape Map visual.

Helper II

I had the issue while in Desktop using a custom visual called Attribute Slicer.  Nice visual, but I'll need to use Stacked Column charts in production which does not auto-filter down related visuals like Attribute Slicer.  Sad.  I had 8 of these visuals on a single page.


I'm using Opera Version:90.0.4480.54, but Out of Memory before I could publish.  Desktop: Version: 2.108.825.0 64-bit (August 2022)

New Member

Third time in one day PowerBI desktop turned off because of this error

Not applicable

This started happening occasionally in the desktop app. Then frequency increased. Now I can't even open my project without getting this error.

Regular Visitor



When I am refreshing my PowerBI desktop file,  I am getting the below error last couple of days.....


Memory error: memory allocation failure. Try simplifying or reducing the number of queries.

Advocate I

Not sure what's the real cause of this issue is but it is extremely frustrating.  I have lost countless hours of work-time:  opening  & closing Power BI, unistalling and reinstalling Power BI, not to mention losing work and then having to redo it because the auto recovvery was sent to 10+ mins.  MSFT, please figure this issue out and fix it.

Helper V

Please solve this issue. Causing so much pain 

Regular Visitor

Below are two errors causing hours and hours of work...I am not sure how PwerBi launched any application without testing...and now no one solving the problems. Please fix this issue asap.





Regular Visitor

@Anonymous is anyone from Microsoft monitoring this thread? There is an answer marked as a solution but the issue isn't solved..

Responsive Resident

We are continuing to see this error as well on reports without any custom visuals.  It typically happens if PBI Desktop and Edge are open at the same time.


@Anonymous - this isn't fixed!