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Issue: Links to Power BI always ask "Enter your email..." and then don't take you to the report

Links to reports in the Power BI service always take you to a page that asks you to "Enter your email, we'll check if you need to create a new account." I should not be landing on this page. It usually takes me straight to the report. I'm even using Edge and am signed in with the correct email address. I have other Power BI tabs open in the same browser.


Then, even if you enter your email address, it doesn't take you to the report; it just takes you to the Power BI Home page. I know how to navigate to the intended report from Power BI Home because I am in Power BI every day for my job. Non-daily users, for whom these reports are built, will not know how to navigate to the right place from Power BI Home.


Like I mentioned, I'm in Power BI every day, and I have only been experiencing this problem within the last week. It happens whether you link to a report page via the workspace's Power BI App or directly to the report.


I found another post about this from March 2022 that says the issue was resolved in May. However, there are multiple comments saying this is still a problem since then.


My specific example is a link that I have placed in an Excel file to the report page within the Power BI App. 


This problem is causing all of our links to Power BI within our organization to be unuseable.


Being asked to "Enter your email..." with another Power BI tab open right next to itBeing asked to "Enter your email..." with another Power BI tab open right next to it


Page to which you are redirected after clicking the linkPage to which you are redirected after clicking the link

Status: Investigating

Hi @AqWP4xjr,


If it’s an urgent issue for you and you are a Pro user, please consider submitting a support ticket in Power BI Support. Then, there will be a support engineer to help you troubleshoot on this issue and escalate it when necessary.


The link of Power BI Support: Support | Microsoft Power BI

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to How to create a support ticket in Power BI - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best Regards,    

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

Helper I

Hello pbiwehn, it is working for us now!


New Member

I am getting the same problem as well and it also started happening around a couple months back. I tried the &noSignUpCheck=1 fix but it did not work, unfortunately. Is there another fix for this?

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almost facing the same issue, even though I logined in already, the login screen still pops up again and again, forcing me to login in and block me from other interface of my pc