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Exporting report to PDF is cutting off right side (power bi desktop)

I have an issue that once I export a report from power bi desktop to PDF it is not showing all page as cutting off from right page and not all page appeared since two days..
it was working perfectly before ..

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Hi  all,



Please Update Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to the version 118.0.2088.76.

The solution is provided,now this thread will be closed.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

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@49s128u Thank you for your detailed reponse! Your workaround of changing the canvas to custom and 1.5x worked for me. I had a slight hickup: I export multiple pages and whichever one I was on when I exported still wasn't quite showing correctly. But I played around and was able to get them all to work by being on a page/tab that I wasn't exporting to PDF when doing the export. 

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@UR @Scottcha 

It seems a general workaround (for those who prefer to export from Power BI Desktop rather than the online service) is to adjust your canvas width and canvas height before exporting to be 1.5-times greater.

  1. Go to Canvas Settings: Page display settings in a Power BI report - Power BI | Microsoft Learn
    1. Note: in order to access the Format page/page dispaly/canvas settings in the Visualizations pane (on the right-hand side of your screen), you must ensure you have no objects (graphs, etc.) selected.  One way too be sure you have nothing selected is to click on an empty spot on your page.
  2. Change the "Type" to "Custom."
  3. Optional: Record the current values of height and width somewhere in case you want to restore the original settings.
  4. Adjust the height value to be 1.5-times the current height value.
    1. E.g., if your current canvas height value is 1000 px, change it to be 1500 px.
  5. Adjust the width value to be 1.5-times the current width value.
    1. E.g., if your current canvas width value is 1000 px, change it to be 1500 px.
  6. Repeat on all pages.
  7. Export to pdf (from Power BI Desktop).
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Also having this issue and it started just this week. Frustrating as we use Power BI to generate reports for our teams. We can use the web workaround for now but it would be great if this was fixed asap.

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Same is happening here and I am using the May 2022 Report Server version on Windows 10. So the issue must be with an external componenet to Power BI.

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It seems that Power BI Desktop exports 16:9 formatted pages as 4:3, clipping the right/bottom off

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I had a problem exporting my data visualizations as PDFs in Power BI. The pages were being exported out of proportion and distorted.


When I investigated the source of the problem, I realized that Power BI was using the Edge webview component. Since I couldn't uninstall Edge using normal methods, I used Revo Uninstaller, a third-party application, to uninstall Edge completely.


After uninstalling Edge, PDF export in Power BI started working smoothly and at the correct rate.

So the problem was with the Edge webview component.


If you encounter a similar error in Power BI, you can try this method. If necessary, test it by uninstalling the application. So you can find the appropriate solution to the problem. I hope this method will be useful for you too.

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Experiencing the same issue when experting from PBI Desktop.

After zooming out and re-exporting the PDF, it then shows more of the page on the PDF. I hope that helps.

So if you really need to, just zoom out and find the zoom level that works for you. Mine is around 60%.


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Power BI – PDF Export Problem Solution


Edge in Power BI builds It uses Webview 2 component. Webview 2 update that came last week ; When exporting Power BI reports as PDF, we observed that each report page took up half of the screen. We see that Microsoft forums are full of these errors lately.


This solution; Current Edge By removing the Webview 2 component, we downloaded the error-free Edge It includes the installation of different versions of the Webview 2 component .


  1. iobit Edge with a program removal tool such as Uninstaller We are removing Edge Webview 2.
  2. Fixed from Under the Version heading, we select the version numbered 117.0.2045.60 and download it to the platform suitable for our architecture .




  1. Downloaded . We open the cab file with an archive extraction file such as Winrar.
  2. We copy all the files in it.



  1. all the files we copied into the C:\Program Files (x 86)\Microsoft\ EdgeWebView \Application\118.0.2088.61 (The version may be different for you) directory. We confirm the warning boxes that appear.






After these procedures, we will be able to receive full page reports without encountering any problems while receiving our report.


Helper II

I also have this issue. I found that if I publish it to the workspace and export to PDF from there, it works fine. 

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Tried to uninstall and reinstall the old version of Power BI software, and its back. Issue seems to be in latest update of software.