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Data Card (New) Format Bug

The Card New visuals is not formatting as set in Power BI Desktop.  It was working Friday without issue. 


On two separate reports they are displaying incorrectly. When I attempt to troubleshoot in Power BI Desktop they look fine, but in Power BI Service the Shadows, borders and accents are opposite to the Desktop versions.


Thanks, Bianca

Status: Delivered

Hi  all,


This issue has been fixed, please check and retry it. Thanks!



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Resolver I

Same problem here. Last week it worked fine. Right now I got shaddows and a header line. 

Hope this is a temporarily bug.

Regular Visitor

Same behavior... A few reports in our tennant broke, while others work fine....

Regular Visitor

The same issue. Some of the cards were broken while other work as expected on one page

New Member

Having issues with the visual as well. It has removed all of my conditional formating and squeezed all of the tiles together.



Regular Visitor

Yep same issue. Came here to post this exact issue and found it right at the top! 🙂

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @Biancagillybi ,


I did a simple test but it didn't reproduce your problem.
I tested it in two separate versions below:

2.121.903.0 64-bit (September 2023)

2.122.746.0 64-bit (October 2023)

The test was done using the Edge browser.


Would you mind providing the details of the version information for BOTH Power BI Desktop and Power BI Services.
Other users who have fed back on this issue would be very helpful to provide your tenant location if they see this message.

We'll keep an eye on this issue and investigate, and will report back here as soon as we make progress.




Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Advocate II

Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft


Thank you for your reply.

My version details are below. Can you try turning on shadows and accents lines  in your testing as they are the items causing the issue in my example. 

Power BI Desktop: Version: 2.122.746.0 64-bit (October 2023)

Power BI Services: Service version:13.0.21833.72


Thanks, Bianca

New Member


I have a simular problem, i can't even read the values on the cards.

This problems happends with all my published reports, new and old.





Published report (Edge browser)





Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi  @Biancagillybi ,


Thanks for your details!

We have reported this issue and submitted it to the product team.
They have been aware of the issue and the engineers will do their best to resolve it. I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient. 


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Advocate III

I hope this can be fixed quickly, a lot of my reports are dead in the water right now.