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Bookmark Navigator Bug

I have the following use case:
I have 3 bookmarks which is used for page 1, Bookmark 1.1 is used in Bookmark Navigator.
When I clicked to Bookmark 2, then clicked back to Bookmark 1.1, after that clicked Bookmark 1.2, the weird thing happens here, although my last selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.1, but the Bookmark Navigator showed me that the selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.2. 


I find Bookmark Navigator really helped me alot but this problem really dragged me away from using Bookmark Navigator after encountered it. Please help me out to solve this ASAP and thanks a lot. Bookmark Navigator Bug submit - Power BI Desktop 2021-11-18 21-25-40.gif

Status: Delivered

Currently Decemeber version of Power BI Desktop has been released and this issue seems to be fixed as far as my test. Please update Power BI Desktop to December version to check it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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I have a similar issue. The interface is buggy in the desktop as described in @Anonymous's post.

I published my report to the service to see how it behaved there and it's still buggy.


When I click on a button, the previous button appears to stay in selected state instead of reverting to deselected. I have to roll my mouse over it for it to render properly as deselected. Also, when I click on a button, a black "selection" box stays around the selected button unless I click elsewhere on the page.


power bi bookmark navigator issue.gif


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When I click on a button, the previous button appears to stay in selected state instead of reverting to deselected. I have to roll my mouse over it for it to render properly as deselected.

 Same problem. It makes booksmarks navigator unusable.

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Have reproduced it in my side and submited internal to comfirm(ICM: 273860700).

Would update here as soon as possible if there is any progress about it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Same problem here.
But other than that, I want to say that I really love this feature, it's going to take sooo much work off my plate once it's working properly 😉

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I have the same issue, the highlighting of the selected bookmark is a bit off. It also gets whacky when you change a filter in a slicer, then it shows all as selected. Until you hover over, then it shows one of them as selected (which might be a bookmark to a page you are not even on). This is with bookmarks being set to have no impact on data or display.


I would actually use the page navigator for my use, but unfotunately you cannot tell that navigation bar to only show certain pages, it just shows all by default which I do not want. 

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Same here, It is very useful feature, but this bug is too confusing for the end user and thus I can't use it in my reports. 

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I to cannot use my bookmarks or page navigation anymore. I have page navigation buttons on all of my reports and now I cannot change them or create new ones.

This is one of my examples. This button was linked to a bookmark, but if I go in now there is absolutely no option to change it. The option used to say action, where can I find it now. It is really urgent. I am responsable for South Africa's Vaccination Dashboards and cannot change anything at the moment. Please advise



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@taniav1977 seems that your problem is more easy to solve. Please just untick the New Format Pane in the Preview Features Option, after restart Power BI, it will be solved.

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Oh my word. Thanks so so much! I really appreciate it. 

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Sorry again, but now all the new features are no longer available @johnlee Kering?