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Bookmark Navigator Bug

I have the following use case:
I have 3 bookmarks which is used for page 1, Bookmark 1.1 is used in Bookmark Navigator.
When I clicked to Bookmark 2, then clicked back to Bookmark 1.1, after that clicked Bookmark 1.2, the weird thing happens here, although my last selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.1, but the Bookmark Navigator showed me that the selected bookmark is Bookmark 1.2. 


I find Bookmark Navigator really helped me alot but this problem really dragged me away from using Bookmark Navigator after encountered it. Please help me out to solve this ASAP and thanks a lot. Bookmark Navigator Bug submit - Power BI Desktop 2021-11-18 21-25-40.gif

Status: Delivered

Currently Decemeber version of Power BI Desktop has been released and this issue seems to be fixed as far as my test. Please update Power BI Desktop to December version to check it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Helper II

As reported by @tez, I can confirm that it now works for me also in Power BI Service.
I can't speak for @Anonymous and his case seems to be even more complicated.
But the way I work with the feature, it now works in Desktop and Service.

New Member

I am sure many of us are experiencing this black box around header when changing selection. Please fix this before closing this issue.

 Bookmark Navigator Bug.gif

New Member

It look like the Bookmark Navigator Bug appears to have been fixed on the DESKTOP version but I am still not getting the correct selection on the web version.


When I select a bookmark tab it navigates to the correct page but does not select the correct tab.


Any help would be great!




Regular Visitor

Unfortunately the bug is not solved so far.


If I using the bookmark navigator on the same page. It works as expected. the bookmark will be activated and the bookmark navigator show the new selected bookmark. (I haven't try to have two bookmark navigators on the same page... )


Another use case doens't work. I want to use the bookmark navigator to navigate between pages. It looks like the page rendering is done before the bookmark state is changed. That means the bookmark navigator on target page show the selected bookmark that was selected as I'm left this page at the last time.


I updated my Power BI Desktop today with the version from 02-17-2022.

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue, in desktop the 'selected' button is incorrectly showing as Bookmark 3 tab, when it should be bookmark 2. It does however appear to work the first time I update all the bookmarks, but after a few clicks it glitches and switches everything to the wrong selected item.  I have the latest version installed.  Please advise when this will be resolved, as this is otherwise a very useful feature. 





New Member

I was experiencing the same issue after switching to the February 2022 update of the desktop version and found that my bookmark navigator buttons started working fine when I selected them using CTRL+click (It will not select multiple buttons when I do this). See if this works for you if you're still experiencing the issue.

Advocate II

SvenB is right, this still occurs when dealing with multiple pages. It doesnt update the current state of the bookmark, and shows the latest state it knows about. 

Helper V

I have a bookmark that resets everything on the page (a reset button).


However the bookmarks in the navigator do not reflect the change. You can see below that the visual is a matrix. However the selected tab says "Table". This is because the user selected table, then hit the reset filters button. So the visual changed back to the default (the matrix) but the bookmark navigator selection remained on "Table".



This is very confusing for end users.

Advocate III

See this bug I logged a while back re: bookmark navigator and a "reset" button. Please upvote it so it can get more attention from Microsoft. Essentially, a bookmark isn't able to save the selection state for a bookmark navigator. This makes for a bad user experience. 


Bookmark navigator not resetting when 'reset' book... - Microsoft Power BI Community

Helper I

Hi, have there been any development on that topic?

I am having the same issue.