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Stuck at Creating Connection Model

I am stuck at this point when I click on the Refresh button. Looks like there is a problem in September 2021 update, I've downgraded to August and it's working fine.



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Yes, we are. We are a team of three individuals and we are all experiencing the same issues. My colleague started the refresh around 930a and logged off at 4p and it was still in "creating connection..." I have tried refreshing three different times today to include using a virtual developer's desktop and still haven't experienced any success.


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uninstalled PBI and Gateway,  Cleaned out appdata and another temp fies, installed new version and I STILL CANNOT create a connection.  Stays stuck on loading data model.

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This is fixed for me but I believe a new problem may have been introduced - can anyone else confirm?


When I refresh from PBI Desktop, the memory from the Microsoft Mashup Evalution Containers are never released even when the refresh completes. Now after a refresh, I have to close PBI Desktop to free all the memory. I'm sure this is not how it used to be and 90% of my 32GB is being held despite the refresh completing. Anyone else?

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Updated to 2.98.1004.0 with no success. Upon refreshing / attempts to add new data to existing models results in being stuck on "Loading data to model"

Direct Queries to MS SQL Server works fine on a new file but any imports have the same issue. 
Going back to version 2.95.804.0

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@SW-DTG would you mind posting the link to the 2.95.804.0 download so I can give that a try?


Still zero success for my organization on the Sept - Nov updates. 

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For me it is working: Versão: 2.98.1004.0 64-bit (outubro de 2021) - Brazilian Portuguese.

If you didn't already, try and uninstall completelly Power BI from your machine and do a frsh install. (It is unknown territory, so the difference can be in the details).

I was running rolled back to August. I then uninstalled it and installed  2.98.1004.0 64-bit .

The problem was fixed right away!

Good luck. It was really annoying.

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The link below contains the downloable 32/64 bit links for each version at the end of every month's section. You might find that August's version works better for you as everyone's situation appears to be different with this.

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i can also confirm that Aug 21, Sept 21 and Oct 21 standard Desktop latest versions work fine.  it's just Report Server version thats STILL doesn't even after todays update release.

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Its months after the last comment, and while I am on 2.106 (June'22) I am facing the same issue.

What is weird is that nothing changed in the pbix, I am using a shared data model, and the reports have been refreshing for weeks without an issue.


All my source files are from Excel on Business OneDrive.


It just started out of the blue.

Yes, I have tried all the solutions from the prev 6 pages 🙂


Regards George