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Some users not able to load PBI service

  1. Issues started yesterday.
    1. some have gotten it to work again with the simpler url
    2. some have cleared their cache and it works after that
    3. Users that had issues yesterday are having issues again today after it resolving for them yesterday
    4. we have some users even trying a different browser,, or clearing cache and it still won't work
Status: Delivered

Hi all , 

Issue has been solved by whitelisting


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao


New Member

@v-yetao1-msft it would be really benificial to everyone to have these known issues that the product team is aware of to appear at Service health - Microsoft 365 admin center as advisory or incident, so all Microsoft customers don't have to search for similar issues on the internet.

"Power BI" status is "Healthy" in that page and that is not correct.

Regular Visitor

Same issue here, a swedish company with 400+ users. Any updates?

Advocate II

@Hinken We're a Swedish company as well. I noticed the issue first thing in the morning a week ago (November 27th). Our users are still reporting the issue, likely due an increase use of Power BI for end of month reporting.  

Regular Visitor

Same issue at one of my customers, also a Swedish company.


I've got a reply from Microsoft and customer support. It might be related to Cisco Umbrella.

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@v-yetao1-msft we are still impacted by this and our help desk is having to deal with it regularly. Please provide an update, daily would be nice. 

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I'm with a US based company that does business globally, and so far it has primarily been our US-based employees who have been vocal about struggling with this same issue (executives included).  I agree with the "confidence" concerns listed in previous posts and would appreciate more transparancy on the PBI side that there is an issue.  Thank you.

New Member

We're also on Cisco Umbrella and still experiencing these same issues. Some sort of update from Microsoft would be great.

Advocate II

We're using Cisco Umbrella as well!

New Member

I managed to get mine to work by adding to my allow list in Cisco Umbrella.  Not sure what MS changed on the 27th that caused this to happen.  I was not seeing any blocks in umbrella but noticed a failed call when I was debugging the process in the browser.  Hope this helps.

Regular Visitor

The Cisco Umbrella allow list thing seems to work for us at least for the remote users! Testing with some premise users now.