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Dataflows very very slow Validating Queries

Simple SQL query that runs 7 seconds in SQL takes 19 minutes(!) to validate in Dataflows

19 minutes!!!???
Not just one query.

I've tried SQL Server and PostgreSQL - the time it takes to Validate is just crazy.

What is going on?

Please help

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Agreed...This is terrible. I have spent over a week trying to set up a dataflow with painfully long "validating queries" wait times. This is something that needs immediate attention. For something that holds so much promise, this experience is almost enough for me to look elsewhere for a BI solution. 

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Experiencing the same issue here. Just changed a direction of a relationship and its more than 20mins and its still validating. This is a productivity killer..

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Still hapenning. now in MySQL

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Still Sloooooowwwww. Sharepoint folder, no gateway.

The whole dataflow itself refreshes in 7 minutes, but any change to queries I have to wait for "Validating queries" for more than 24 minutes!!!!

Please, mercy!!!

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I'm suffering from this as well!! Dataflows are borderline inoperative at this point due to the spinning wheel of validation death!!!

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Another +1 on this. Validating a dataflow that reads few excel files from Sharepoint online w/ maybe 700 rows total has so far taken over 45 minutes. It was always on the slow side - but this is really beyond slow. As otheres have said - not usable.


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Can confirm this behaviour, in our case on a premium capacity. Just validating a dataflow often takes many minutes. Quite annoying. 

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I'm experiencing terrible performance to save changes to a Dataflow. The "Validating Queries" process is taking forever and has already aborted twice.


I do not see any comment from Microsoft on this issue. Does anybody know what is going on with Dataflow saving performance?  Thanks

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100% agree on this, very frustating, especially when PBI is the only "analytics" tool company rely on, very frustating. 

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Just want to chime in, I'm waiting several hours for validation of dataflows that take only a few minutes to refresh.  Very difficult to manage when any change involves such a monster time sink.


What's strange is that if I copy the queries into a Power BI desktop transform, they process and populate quickly without any of this nightmare black I know it's avoidable.


It is certainly disappointing that Microsoft does not care enough to even comment on such a huge waste of our time.  This is a tremendous downside for using dataflows.