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Dataflows very very slow Validating Queries

Simple SQL query that runs 7 seconds in SQL takes 19 minutes(!) to validate in Dataflows

19 minutes!!!???
Not just one query.

I've tried SQL Server and PostgreSQL - the time it takes to Validate is just crazy.

What is going on?

Please help

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The worst thing is the silence from the Power BI Team.😠

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I cannot do anything to my dataflows, either updating, disabling a query(!!) or creating a new dataflow, as it takes forever to validate and then falls over saying an error occurred. On top of that the dataflows aren't even refreshing unless at the crack of dawn!

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I tried to validate a dataflow today based on Dataverse.  I started it at 11am and it's 2:30pm now and it's still showing the yellow circle of doom with the validation message.  This is after the apparent fix for making sure dataflows refresh.  Can't do anything with them at the moment.  None of them will save or validate.

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Microsoft, please talk to us. Tell us what's going on

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Same problem I let the validation run over night to see if it would complete at all. The dataflows are a complete unworkable mess ever since the 28th of April. 

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This seems to me to be region-related - i.e. which MS datacentre/datacenter we are using.

Dataflow on my client's tenant (Pro) - Europe North - currently unworkable (I gave up waiting for validation after 90 minutes)

Same dataflow created on my own MS tenant (Pro) - UK South - validation takes circa 20 seconds.

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All my client's tennants are on West Europe (Netherlands), seems to be a little better today but far from what it used to be a few weeks ago. In one instance it took 28 minutes to read a table with 3 columns and 6 lines. What is going on, this should not be possible in 2021

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Today things are running quite normal again for all customers let's hope it stays stable this time.

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I think it is absolutely unacceptable that even after minor changes the whole dataflow needs to be completely rebuilt and validated. Please, add some intelligence to the validation process!

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Same here, it's really frustrating