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Dataflow refresh error Date/Datetime

Started getting this error on an old dataflow as of 14-Jun-2021. No changes made.


Error: Expression.Error: We cannot apply operator < to types Date and DateTime.

Operator = <

Left = 5/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Right = 9/30/2020 11:59:59 PM



Status: New
Community Support



The fix is deployed. You may check it again.

Advocate II

Yep, seems to be working again with the Enhanced Compute Engine. Turning it on cut down the processing time to ⅓ with the heavier transformations. Thanks.

Frequent Visitor

I've also re-enabled the Enhance Compute Engine on some of the dataflows that were affected and it seems to be working successfully again. Thanks!

Frequent Visitor

The issue also appears to be resolved for me. The super simple repro I sent to Microsoft is now able to refresh with enhanced compute turned on without issue. 

Frequent Visitor

It looks like this issue is now behind us.


But an even bigger issue is why does Microsoft not acknowledge theses issues? I've had several of these bugs over the past 2 years which have crippled my dataflows.  It would be so much easier for me to commucate with my users if I had an official statement from Microsoft.  Instead Microsoft clains Power BI is running normal.

Frequent Visitor

Hi - I seem to have a recurrence of this same issue, since Saturday 10th July. Is this affecting anyone else again?

Frequent Visitor

Yes, I seem to be getting the same (or very similar) error again. I've had to reintroduce the DateTime.Date( ) casting on comparisons again.


I'm also getting the error below which seems to be new, though I couldn't guarantee that the source data hasn't changed - any suggestions?

Expression.Error: We cannot convert the value #datetime(2019 5 11 23 59 59.9999999) to type Date

Advocate II

Same here. As of 12-Jul-2021.


Oh, for Pete's sake! 😞


Error: Expression.Error: We cannot apply operator < to types Date and DateTime.

Operator = <

Left = 1/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Right = 6/30/2021 11:59:59 PM

Frequent Visitor

Thanks @Banzai and @john_ach for confirming it's not just me.


I've 'fixed' the problem again by disabling the enhanced compute 😥. But this is so frustrating and tedious!

Not applicable

We also had the same issue re-appear and were in contact with Microsoft about it. They helped us by changing some settings for our capacity. Their comment: 


The issue was caused by the previous fix you had not being deployed in the latest change that happened over this past weekend.  That then caused you to see the same issue because the fix was no longer there. 

We were able to mitigate the issue by placing your capacity on a previous version where the fix is at. You had to revert to Premium Gen 1 since Gen 2 currently does not have that same ability to go back a previous version.  You can now refresh as expected.

The underlying issue should be resolved over this upcoming weekend when they will push your previous fix to the next Service change.