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Show as table showing incorrect values



I have a combined bar and line chart with one bar and two line values. The bar and the first line value are table columns while the second line value is a measure. 


When clicking 'Show as table' the first column shows the x-axis (correct). The second column shows the bar values (correct). The third column shows the bar values again but with the first line as title (INCORRECT). The fourth column shows the second line values (correct). This happens both when I have the table column and the measure as the first line value. 


This happens both in Desktop and in Service. 


I have tried to clear cache in desktop but the issue remains. 

Status: New
Community Support


this is a known issue, ICM:237950157, it will be fixed in power bi desktop June version.

And power bi desktop June version should be released this week or next week.


below message are from pg:

Bug created, fix is on the way.

ETA, June release of Desktop