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Dataflow Refresh - Internal Error


Since last friday i'm with some issues in refresh my datasets. Most of the the refreshes that we try returns an internal error:



Error: Internal error Request ID: ad8067f3-103b-4cde-a815-9869e2a3f98c Activity ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000




My dataflows are connected to Google BigQuery, with Powerbi Connector,  and this never happened in the past. 
the error always happens at different refresh times, different entities,  and happens on all the Dataflows we have on the server on the various PRO accounts.
Do you have any idea of what is happening for this error


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Same here in UK.  I'm using SQL on premises and Dataverse.  Taking twice as long then failing right at the end with no idea what the problem is past couple of days.

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I'm also having the same issue since monday, It fails on a random table everytime.

I'm going to split the dataflow and hope it works.


Error: Internal error Request ID: 1a5893dc-1c34-69b3-6143-2bda857d1c45 Activity ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

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Since a lot of users are experiancing same issue my guess would be that splitting will not easy the issue.

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@v-chuncz-msft could you let us know about any status of this issue? Our clients complain and we do not know what to tell them.

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Same issue here, constantly failing and never at the same point. Only thing I have noticed is that most of the time the scheduled run which is very early in the morning usually completes (before 8:30) but seems to take twice as long as before.

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Same problem here since Monday.

The dataflow stopped working and data is not updated since then.


Hope we get news from Microsoft soon.


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Same. But service health shows "healthy" which is really annoying.

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Same here - for 2 days

Please fix

Community Support


There is a similar problem has been submitted to pg, ICM: 240770845

will update here once I get any information.


and for this problem, I also suggest you submit a support ticket to get faster and better help from power bi support team.






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I've been experiencing this same issue for the past week or so. I've noticed that most of the times it fails its when the refresh has ran for 1min 40seconds.