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Power Bi, stored in SharePoint, will not open into desktop app and will only download the PBIX file



So as the title discribes, Power Bi will not open directly from sharepoint where it is stored, instead it only downloads a copy of the pbix file. This then appears to break the links to the data source which I am currently trying to update.



There is not an option to open the file, there is only an option to preview, the preview also does not work as it does not show the information within the file.


This is not an issue for the other files in sharpoint.



I have added a second Power Bi file to see if this is an issue Power Bi as a whole or if the issue is with the indevidual file, however, I get the same problem.

Is there any way to allow the Power Bi file to start opening from sharepoint again?





Status: New
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This seems to be more related to SharePoint. You may check this post and also share feedback via Ideas.