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I migrated a model from Analysis Services Platform to Power BI Premium. Model has 4 partitions. I was able to do manual full refresh of the model from Power BI Service.

Using SQL Management Studio and XMLA endpoint, i tried multiple times to reprocess only one of the partitions and got following error.


How to resolve below problem? 




Here is SQL Profiler trace notes:




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Community Support

Hi @bogomda ,

After publishing to the service, the initial full refresh operation for the dataset creates partitions for the incremental refresh table, loads, and processes historical data for the entire period defined in the incremental refresh policy. For some datasets that will load and process large amounts of data, the amount of time the initial refresh operation takes can exceed the refresh time limit imposed by the service or a query time limit imposed by the data source.


Depending on the amount of data to be loaded for each partition, you can process each partition sequentially or in small batches to reduce the potential for one or more of those partitions to cause a timeout.The following methods work for any data source.

  1. Apply Refresh Policy
  2. Power Query filter for empty partitions


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li


Helper II

In my case, I can process entire model no problem (it's just takes time), the problem is opposite to the solution provided - I can't process individual partition. any thoughts?


i get an error five-ten minutes after i initiate partition refresh