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DAX function "RELATED" does not work between DirectQuery and Import tables.

When using the DAX function "RELATED" to add a new column from an Imported table to a DirectQuery table, I receive an error. This error does not occur if both tables are using DirectQuery.

Column: SampleColumn = RELATED(ImportTable[Column])

Error: "The column 'ImportTable[Column]' either doesn't exist or doesn't have a relationship to any table available in the current context."

Relationship: DirectQueryTable[SampleKey] (many) has a relationship with ImportTable[SampleKey] (one)

Cardinality = Many to One (*:1)

Cross filter direction = Both

Make this relationship active = Checked


Note: When creating the column using "RELATED" in the DirectQueryTable table, ImportTable shows up as a suggestion.

Status: Accepted
New Member

 Hi, has this bug been fixed?

Regular Visitor

Hey, same issue here 🙂 

Regular Visitor

3 years now and still no update???

New Member

Dear MS, 

I have same issue like others, please help. 

PowerBi Desktop - Version: 2.116.622.0 64-bit (April 2023)

Regular Visitor

After 4 years **bleep** has not been solved? What is this?

Helper I

it's kind of ridiculous this still doesn't work... not allowing refresh of directquery datsource to another PBI Dataset. it's insane. why even have that option if you can't refresh?