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Calculated column works in Power BI desktop but not Power BI service. Visual won't load.

I have a pie chart visual in my report that uses a calculated column as one of the fields. Up until now it stopped working in Power BI service. Nothing has changed on the report and it has always worked in the past. The visual works fine in Power BI desktop but when published to Service it gives me an error. Any ideas why it would stop working suddenly?




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Hi @chang_B 

It’s a known issue . The engineers are actively working on this issue and I will come back with an update if there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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It is still not working for me.

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The issue now seems to be resolved for us.

Helper I

Issue resolved for me too :).

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I am having the same issue where any visuals using calculated columns won't have data on after the dataset is refreshed in the Power BI service. I have updated my Power BI Desktop to the May 2023 version and the issue still remains. Replacing the calculated columns with calculated measures have fixed the issue but there is a couple of the calculated columns that cannot be replaced with calculated measures. Why is this becoming an issue since Feb 2023?