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Bug in Print this page



As of Wed 09/12/22 our customers are experiencing an issue when using File --> Print this page, the page preview is just a blank page with a header and footer. 


Some customers print many pages per day and are irritated with having to workaround by exporting to pdf first.


I can see other users in the community having the same issue that have posted yesterday.


Do you have a resolution to this?




Status: Delivered

We got feedback from PG team:


“The original issue (blank page) has been fixed and the Print functionality always had problem as we don't control the layout of the page and many times browser behave weirdly. That is the reason we added it in public documentation, "There are browser settings you can use to adjust the printout, but even then you still may not get the result you want. Consider exporting to PDF first and printing the PDF instead.”

Frequent Visitor

Same here, as of today we are also experiencing blank pages when trying to print this page.

Occurs with normal printer but also option print to PDF does give a blank page.

Chrome and Edge same issue.


Hopefully this can be fixed soon!



Helper II

We are also encounting the same issue in trying to print reports. 

Print results are blank regardless whether printing to printer or PDF. 

New Member

We are experiencing the same thing at my company! None of us are able to see anything when we try to print. 

Frequent Visitor

We are experiencing this same issue at my company as well.  I have tried to toggle options but still blank pages.  I hope there will be a fix for this issue soon.

New Member

Same here, hoping for an update.

New Member

same here. hoping for a fix soon.

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @KJ187 ,



This is acknowledged as an issue. We have reported the issue and submitted it to the internal icm platform, No:354300929 .

Engineers will do their best to resolve the issue. I will update you here if there is any progress , please be patient.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Frequent Visitor

Also experiencing this issue. Following for updates.

New Member

Getting reports from numerous users now.  Any status updates to report?

New Member

Still experiencing the same issue since last Thursday 😔 Print preview is a blank screen and prints off a blank page.