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Bug: Datamart Loading Data Internal Error Code 500 - Failed Runtime Assertion

I was updating our datamart and was given the following Internal error message:


  • ErrorMessage: An internal error happened due to failed runtime assertion: Unable to change Model locale after other objects have been created..
  • HttpStatusCode: 500


This also occurs when I haven't updated anything in the datamart and follow path Transform Data -> Save -> Error Message

Status: Needs Info

Hi @OHMark 

Do you have this problem with all your dataflow?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Regular Visitor

Hello All!


@luizraposo is correct that the locale for me (English United Kingdom) is buggy. I switch to English United States and was able to load my datamart.

Steps to switch:

  1. Enter Datamart
  2. Trasnform Data and stay on the Home Tab
  3. Go Options -> Regional Settings
  4. Change your Locale to English United States
  5. Load Datamart - Should work

I tried switching back to English United Kingdom but it bugged out on me with the same error message. @v-yetao1-msft, Can this be resolved please as I'd prefer to stay on the English United Kingdom locale?

Frequent Visitor

Hi @OHMark , thank you for your guidance on changing the region, this solution is definitely not working for me. Are there any updates from the microsoft team @v-yetao1-msft ?

Thank you!

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Thanks for the post @OHMark , the change worked for me, but in my case I changed from English United States to English Australia.


But Interested to know other solution.


Kind regards,

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Hello all!


I'm in the same boat as @ivandavidbt. I've tried changing the regional settings, but still get the same error code. If anyone knows of any other solutions, that would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!

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guys, it's in this line of OhMark that I made the configuration and it worked first hand. I suggest running variations of "English" locales to find the correct one

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Hi - same problem here - are there any solutions to this?

Frequent Visitor

Thanks @OHMark , I changed from English United States to English UK and it worked.