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Working with tabluar editor cause creation of display folders "format string measures"

Hello, I worked with the new function "External Tools" / "Tabluar Editor" to create calculation groups within my model - following a blog post of SQL BI . com . Afterwards I have in EACH table containing DAX measures a hidden display folder called "Format String Measures", which I cannot control (neither from PBI desktop nor from Tabluar Editor). The real problem is a side effect, which is, that I'm loosing the control over the measure formatting in PBI Desktop (Menu "Measure tools" / "Format" field is greyed out).
So what did I do wrong? How can I again format my measures in PBI Desktop?

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I had the same experience.  Like @marcorusso , the "format string measures" folder was created when I created a Calculation Item (within a Calculation Group) and provided a custom format in the "format string expression".  I did this using Tabular Editor, via External Tools in Power BI desktop.


I deleted the custom format in Tablular Editor, saved my work in Tablular Editor, and the folder names went away in Power BI Desktop.  😀 However, I still cannot use the Format option in the Measure Tools menu of Power BI Desktop, even after saving, exiting, and opening back up. 😞

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This is happening to me too and is very annoying.  An imminent fix would be very welcome.

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Happening to me as well. Overriding all existing measure formats in the model.

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I'm running into the same issue. Microsoft please provide a fix

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Have just hit the same issue, cant format my emasures with in PBI destop via standard approach

only via Tabular editor now, any solution to this? Bizzarely if i close an reopen PBI it formats the measure. Of course i cant do this evertime I format a measure! Clearly a bug here.

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Especially a critical issues as we cannot create a management dashboard which is fed by multiple PowerBI-Datasets in a composite model, whih also have Calulation Groups with Tabular Editor Format Strings themselves. When trying to create a Local Calculation Group with a format string expression, this is simply not possible independently of differen measure names, as it seems that the names in the model structure are the same and not somehow separated by source models ->  which results in a duplicate warning:



PowerBI Team: Please find a way for us to to combine multiple datasets with Calculation Groups+Format strings WITH a Calcuation Group with format strings in a LOCAL model. Thank you!


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I am still at a loss. This issue has been frustrating and confusing to me, as I often [mistakenly] grab the Format String Measures version of a measure because it is labeled exactly the same (the difference being that it is in the Format String Measures folder). Is this a bug and has there been any resolution to the issue?

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Does anyone have the same issue as me in that I cant use normal PowerBI formatting on measures now?

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This is clearly a bug when using the appoved external tool DAX Editor. I'm surprised so many people appear to have had issues with this and yet noone from Microsoft has stepped forward to offer an explanation or resolution. This has messed up the project I'm working on and I'm now having to try to resolve by refreshing 10s of millions of records in my model. Hoping that in the 30 mins to an hour it takes Power Query to do this that it will actually rectify this obvious bug


Ironically, reached this unfortunate position by following exactly the advice from the Guy in a Cube (Microsoft affiliated and endorsed) youtube channel. Thanks Patrick!