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Waterfall chart on Power BI service is not working correctly

Hi - I just experienced an issue that has previously not happened.

In my company, we have a waterfall chart showing cash development. 

The graph uses switch variables to calculate the increases/decreases and then shows the resulting total sum.
This works well in the desktop setting and has previosly worked very well on the published report too.

However, I discovered today that the published report does not show the correct total value, but instead shows the final category of the waterfall. 

This is extremely strange, as I have error-searched and cannot find any other explanaition than the fact that the web-browser report contains some kind of issue/bug.

Please see below:
Desktop graph


Power BI service graph


Both graphs in the picture are connected to the exact same dataset. I have also tried to replicate the graph in the dataset (Desktop) and it shows no issue. I have also tried new desktop reports connected to the dataset and no issue. 

The only issue is when the report is published, it shows a different result.


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Hi all,


This issue has been fixed,please try it again and thanks for your patience.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @Ras_Ile ,


Can you provide detailed information below so we can reproduce the issue? We'll get back to the product team as soon as it's acknowledged as an issue!


1.Your detailed testing version for both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

2.Your test broswer and its version.

Thanks in advance!


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Frequent Visitor

Seeing the same exact problem.  Total doesnt add up correctly in the service, but it does in Desktop.  Also notice some weird issues when I remove some of the buckets (via filter pane) in the waterfall chart and what the total reflects.  Total is referencing a specific bucket in the Service.  See Screenshots below and Captions for DescriptionDesktopDesktopServiceServiceService- Total = Retained BucketService- Total = Retained BucketService- Removed Retained Bucket and now Total = Not Purchased this PeriodService- Removed Retained Bucket and now Total = Not Purchased this Period

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi all,


I did my testing on the latest version of Power BI Desktop and it did not reproduce your problem.

My test Power BI Desktop Version:2.124.2028.0 64-bit (December 2023)

My test Power BI Service Version:13.0.22638.74





Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Advocate I

Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft  ,

My Power BI Desktop version is the same as yours = 2.124.2028.0 64-bit (December 2023).


I am not sure what version of Power BI service I am using - I am simply publishing the reports to a workspace. Let me know where I can find this info and I will provide it.

I am using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (Version 121.0.2277.106 (Official build) (64-bit)) and have also tested this on the latest version of Google Chrome. 

Furthermore, the logic behind the graph is that I have a number of variables that calculates what has changed the total balance over the period. The last variable is simply a residual (meaning, it calculates any "rest" difference" not defined by adding up the variables). The sum of the decreases/increases in the waterfall chart should therefore equal the new total.

For example:
Cash last year = 100

EBITA = 10

NWC = 5
Cash this year = 120
Residual = 5


So, 100 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 120

The measure, simplified, is like this:

First off, I have a table with these values:

x_Waterfall_Cash =
    ("Cash - Last Year", 1),
    ("EBITA", 2),
    ("Change in NWC", 3),
    ("Residual", 4)

This is also what I use as "Category" in the graph

The measure then, is like this:
Waterfall graph= 
VAR Last year = [Cash last year]
VAR NWC = [Change in NWC]
VAR Residual = ([Cash this year] - [Cash last year]) - ([EBITA] + [Change in NWC])

    1, Last Year,
    2, EBITA,
    3, NWC,
    4, Residual

As I said - the waterfall chart replicates perfectly in Desktop that the total equals the "Cash this year", while in the browser version shows the residual value as the total value.

Regular Visitor

Also having the same issue. My total is correct in the desktop, but when published to the Service it is incorrect. I really need to have this fixed asap.

Regular Visitor

I am facing same issue starting from today on power BI service 13.0.22589.88 . It is happening for ratio% waterfall instead of adding up the percentages it is adding up numerator and denomenator 




Regular Visitor

We are also have similar issues. Totals in Desktop but not in Service, the reports all worked as expected up until Thursday.


The DAX driving the measure in the waterfall was using a selectedvalue command. When I switched this to max instead it seems to solve the issue and keep the totals visible in service.  

Frequent Visitor


Desktop Version: 2.124.2028.0 64-bit (December 2023)

Service Version:13.0.22589.86

Issue still exists as of 2/9/24
Data Model is split from Report pages.  No recent changes to model or report.  Report has been in use for over 2 years and always returned the correct total, until recently.

Frequent Visitor

My logic is identical to @Ras_Ile , disconnected table which holds the description of each waterfall bucket and a switch/true measure which returns the appropriate value.

I'm seeing the total bucket return a different value depening on the report.Total = Comparison ValueTotal = Comparison ValueTotal = Retained ValueTotal = Retained Value

Community Support

Hi @Ras_Ile ,


You can click on the "?" in the upper right corner of the Power BI Service home page. > Select About Power BI at the bottom.
There you will be able to see the version information of Power BI Service.



I still can't reproduce this issue, is it possible to provide a sample pbix (please be careful not to include sensitive information).


Solved: How to upload PBI in Community - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn