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Waterfall chart on Power BI service is not working correctly

Hi - I just experienced an issue that has previously not happened.

In my company, we have a waterfall chart showing cash development. 

The graph uses switch variables to calculate the increases/decreases and then shows the resulting total sum.
This works well in the desktop setting and has previosly worked very well on the published report too.

However, I discovered today that the published report does not show the correct total value, but instead shows the final category of the waterfall. 

This is extremely strange, as I have error-searched and cannot find any other explanaition than the fact that the web-browser report contains some kind of issue/bug.

Please see below:
Desktop graph


Power BI service graph


Both graphs in the picture are connected to the exact same dataset. I have also tried to replicate the graph in the dataset (Desktop) and it shows no issue. I have also tried new desktop reports connected to the dataset and no issue. 

The only issue is when the report is published, it shows a different result.


Status: Delivered

Hi all,


This issue has been fixed,please try it again and thanks for your patience.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

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@JRDubya  Very, very curious. I was using MAX, but tried with SELECTEDVALUE. Now works in both Desktop and Service. That is so strange.... 

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I was also using MAX and have been for the last 2+years without issue.  Changed all my measures to use SELECTEDVALUE and the total bucket returns the correct value now.

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@sscott0203 , @Ras_Ile , are  you plotting the waterfall based on variables or time?


My measure is calculating the difference in value from the Previous Month...

Hull SI Previous Month Aggs Diff Converted =
    VAR PreviousMonthAggs = MARINE_HULL_DEVELOPMENT[Hull SI Previous Month Aggs]
    VAR Result = CurrentMonthAggs - PreviousMonthAggs
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@Ras_Ile , @sscott0203 SELECTEDVALUE, MAX, MIN - tried all these. Still no luck. The total column shows correct values in the desktop, but displays wrong values once pushed to the Service.

@CandiceNaiela, my waterfall is similar to @Ras_Ile 's. Im displaying amount between last year and current year with different categories filling up the columns between.


Did anyone find a hot fix? Any other waterfall Power BI visuals which works fine? I did try to find some from the "Get more visuals" but nothing suits my need. 

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Variables.  Here is a sample of how it's setup.  After the Switch statement, I replaced MAX with SELECTEDVALUE and then the total bucket added up correctly in the Service.

Category & Y-AxisCategory & Y-AxisDisconnected TableDisconnected TableDAXDAX

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@sscott0203 I was using IF condition before with SELECTEDVALUE, but now i did change it to SWITCH and tried using SELECTEDVALUE, MAX and MIN. No luck.
Instead of returning me the total, - 
SELECTEDVALUE is returning me the difference between total and previous year amount. 
MIN is referencing the least $ bucket
MAX is referencing the max $ bucket.

I do have a title table just like in the provided example. If we consider your example as my table, the only change is instead of using PVM[index], i directly use PVM[PVM Metric]

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Can you please share the DAX you are using for the waterfall you shared which worked on both desktop and service? Maybe that could help us in a way to cross check our DAXs.

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Also having the same issue, waterfall chart worked previously for 6 months. And when I check for any other similar problems they all seem to come from late last week.


As a general rule, I could always rely on the total just being the total of all the other values in the waterfall chart, which makes intuitive sense. Very unusual this is not the case now. 




I do have other waterfall charts in my report that do total correctly and don't have the gap. 


Was there a recent update that could have impacted this?

Community Support
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Hi  @Ras_Ile ,


We have seen on the internal platform that other engineers have reported this issue and submitted it.
The engineers on the product team are now aware and will do their best to resolve the issue. I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

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I also have the same issue as yours

My report in PBI service still work until some days ago, but today I checked PBI web service, the "Total" column show latest value instead of total value. and version PBI desktop app and PBI web service I am using detail as below:

desktop app: 2.124.2028.0 64-bit (December 2023)

web service: Service version:13.0.22638.77

And I found out s/t in my chart, if I remove all filter for the chart, it still work for the total and When I use filter, chart not work

Somebody can help me solve this issue?

Thank a lot



I faced to this error on PBI web service and can not wait for PBI team too long.

So I changed to another waterfall chart by using get more visual from PBI desktop, and I use the visual below, have format same same as default waterfall chart from PBI desktop. 

Then upload PBI web service, and it works. so You can see my solution as a good way to fix the problem now. THANKS