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Using bookmarks breaks filters pane

A user has notified me of a new bug: Switching to a bookmark causes the filter pane's filters to stop updating visuals throughout all pages. Slicers still update visuals as expected.

My user has this issue while on the web service, via Chrome. I've reproduced the same issue using my computer, in both Firefox and Edge. There is no difference between reading an edit mode. I've also tried another report and had the same problem. These reports has been in use for several months and this is the first time this has happened, so I suspect there is an issue with the Power BI service.

Is anyone else getting the same issue?

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I use bookmarks to allow users to switch visuals but this also seems to affect personal bookmarks.

The only other thing that I've noticed is that bookmarks that change filters but don't switch the visuals seem to only half-break at first; they keep updating the visuals but the filter card operates strangely (for example: clearing a filter card works, but the card still displays the colour as if it was still applied). After this, if I switch to another page and back again, the visuals now freeze.

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I tried the latest version to test several cases and all seem to be working fine. 

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This was an issue on the Power BI web service, rather than the desktop app.

Something has changed overnight though, as I can't reproduce this bug anymore. For multiple users/computers/browsers/reports to all have the same issues, and for it to only affect the filters panel and not the slicers, the only common ground seems to be the service itself.

Hopefully it stays working. 😅