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Unable to share a dashboard

Our Power BI Pro licence is through our an Academic A5 license. When we click on 'Share' for a dashboard, in the share popup, whatever we enter in the field for name or email address always gives in a red field below the entry "You can't use invalid or duplicate emails" and never pops up matching user names. When a complete email address from the organisation is entered., the message changes to "One or more email addresses could not be validated: {email address entered appears here}".


I can't include screen shots here but see this posts in 'Get help with PowerBI' that I created yesterday with these screen shots which gives a better understanding of the problem we're having. Our AD and Azure is sync'ed and working.



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Through Support, all the options under Export and Sharing in the PowerBI Admin panel were toggled and retoggled to their original values and it fixed the problem. Looks like something was a-wire in our online PowerBI configuration.

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Glad to hear that. Thanks for the sharing.

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Turns out, it was a false fix. The problem was still there but I think we've found the root cause. It seems to happens when users connect directly to without first connecting to Office365. Our Office365 tenant (Azure) is forcing MFA but since the user did NOT connect to Azure first, when we try to share a dashboard, PowerBI tries to talk to Azure and that fails because MFA wasn't done. Inspecting the browser network communication, we see that Azure returns a 'AdalMultiFactorAuthRequiredErrorCode'. If we log into Azure (and MFA) first and THEN, connect to PowerBI, then sharing works.


Microsoft wants to close the case since we were able to share the dashboard but the underlying problem is still there, which is PowerBI do not use MFA. In my mind, this is a major problem because of the data that could be shared through PowerBI if the account password is compromised. It is my strong recommendation that Microsoft fixes this.


Is this a known limitation or something particuliar with our Azure/PowerBI environment? Meaning, if YOU have MFA mandatory in Azure and YOU connect to PowerBI without first connecting to Azure (and have disconnected first from Azure and cleared your cookies), can you share a Dashboard with other users? It's 100% reproduceable here.


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From the Azure portal, under Privileged Identity Management > Azure AD roles, try adding the Power BI Administrator role.  This was also affecting our ability to assign row level security roles within the service.