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PowerBI JS Library exportData loses formatString when exporting column aggregations

In our SSAS model, we have a column defined as follows:


    "name": "Progress",
    "dataType": "double",
    "sourceColumn": "Progress",
    "formatString": "Percent"


Whenever we export a visual, i.e. regular table, with this column using the exportData function, documented in the link below:



If the column is currently marked with "Don't Summarize" aggregation, the exported data loses the formatString.


For instance, if the column is summarized in any way, the value is exported correctly formatted:






If the column has "Don't Summarize" aggregation:







I think this might be an issue since it is not reported in the limitations.

Status: New
Community Support



You may check the result by using the Export data command on the options menu and also try FORMAT function.