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Text Filter Visual Not Clearing Search Term


When slicer is used to search a text and clicked on Erase, it clears the filter but not the search term. If the slicer is oepned again, it looks like all the values are restricted and adds an extra step to delete the previous search term. Can you please fix this?

Status: Needs Info
Community Support

Hi @deepu299,


What do you mean about "If the slicer is oepned again, it looks like all the values are restricted and adds an extra step to delete the previous search term"? Would you please clarify it? 


Based on my test on Power BI service, click erase will remove search characters in Text Filter visual and remove filter on other visuals as well. 


Would you please create a new report to test this text filter visual issue again? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info
Advocate V


Hi @v-qiuyu-msft


See below. I have a slicer with Year Month values. I have searched for 2018 so everything that contains 2018 returned in the 2nd image and I have selected 201801. Now if I erase the slicer, the selected value turns out to be "All" but the search box still holds the value 2018. If user reopens the slicer, it gives an impression that this slicer has only values from 2018 and also it adds another step if they already know about the issues. The report works fine in all these cases. 


All Values.PNGSelected one value.PNGSearch value remains after erased.PNG

Helper I

I am experiencing this as well.  Once the slicer is cleared, the picklist goes back to showing all possible choices, but the text that was previously entered in the search box remains.  The user must manually delete the search text to execute a new search.  When the "Clear Selections" icon is clicked on the slicer, the application should clear the previously entered search criteria leaving the search box ready for the next search.

Helper I

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft ,


Is this issue fixed? I am facing this issue. Even reset bookmark also not helping this one?




Helper I

I just checked this again in both the Desktop and Power BI service, and I get the same results as before.  Clearing the choices selected in a slicer resets the slicer to 'All', but it does not clear out any characters typed in the search bar.

Advocate V

I have already provided the info @v-qiuyu-msft requested. There is no response or status change after that. 

Advocate II

@v-qiuyu-msft I believe that when the user clears the slicer that the search box in the slicer should be cleared as well. It takes more clicks for the user to clear the slicer filter and then click the drop-down to then have to manually delete the search box filter text. This is mostly annoying and time consuming.


I'm surprised this does not have more votes.

New Member

2021 already and I have the same issue

Frequent Visitor

Still not fixed. This is really not user friendly... All the users keep contacting me about that...