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Suspicion: One Power BI report breaks Microsoft authentication permanently from Desktop to any servi

One of our clients said that his Power BI report stopped working yesterday.

I wasn't able to find out what was wrong, so I asked him to send the report to me for testing.

After the testing I have identical problems that he has:

- Issue is not connected to any company: we have laptops from different companies and use different networks

- Source system is (has been) always Power BI Desktop

- Destination is any data source that needs Microsoft Azure authentication

- After we used this problem report, the same problem is with other reports

- Rebooting laptop doesn't help

- Reinstalling Desktop doesn't help

- He uses 2022-04 Desktop and I use the latest, so the version doesn't matter

- On first attempt I got a list of my Microsoft accounts. But I was unable to select any of them and had to cancel it. We both have multiple accounts.

- After that when we try to log in with Microsoft user account, we get a screen on the display, but it stays so short time we can barely see that there was something at all. Impossible to read it.

- I am unable to use any of my Microsoft accounts now, so I can't develop to other clients either.

- Error text: We're unable to connect. Please delete your credentials and try again later.

- Global credentials have been wiped clean on Desktop reinstallation and local creadentials can't be the issue.

- We are not using gateways, I just chose it because it is compulsory field.


I have tried to Google how to cleanse away everything that looks like a cached Microsoft account, but so far no luck with that.

Status: Accepted

Hi @TimoRiikonen @Zarek @Tutu_in_YYC,


It’s a known issue(ICM 311894322 and ICM 311855579) and the product group is working on the fix. Currently, please try the following workaround.

In Power BI Desktop, enable Options -> Security -> Authentication Browser ->Turn “Use my default web browser” on to use a system browser. For sources that doesn’t work for, please set the Environment variable PQ_DisableEdgeChromiumOAuth to 1 and restart PBIDesktop.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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@v-cazheng-msft , I've made those change in Power BI Desktop, enable Options -> Security -> Authentication Browser ->Turn “Use my default web browser”.


But when i logged out and try to sign in.  I'm getting now a different error “Page Cannot Be Displayed” Error in Internet Explorer, which is quite strange. Signin was working well originally, till i made those changes on the Power BI Desktop option. So now I've two problems to fix instead of one. Any pointer, pls

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New version works for me, but updating to this version worked only on third try:

- Microsoft Store has the old, May, version

- Update link takes you to the old, May, version

- Link works correctly and fetches the latest version. Although the version says Version: 2.105.1143.0 32-bit (*May* 2022), but now tke Desktop doesn't remind me to update to newer version any more. Strange that I got 32-bit version and not 64-bit.

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@MNAIR1 Link fixed, thank you.

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Any updates on this issue? 

Changing the security settings to "default browser" did not help in my case... 


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@Calu , try changing the default setting to EDGE. My problem, I was using default setting as Internet explorer which is now dead 😞😥 

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@MNAIR1, thank you for the tip. I was using Chrome in general, but I did test with changing to EDGE, but still have the same problem. Although I am thinking there also could be caused by some other internal restrictions. To be continued... 🙂