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Stack Column Chart: Not all legend data is showing

Having issues showing all the data in the Stack Column chart when using the Legend feature.


Here's the view with no Legend. It's a count of deals by week:

Stacked Column Chart No Legend (Note Max value)Stacked Column Chart No Legend (Note Max value)

I have a column with Reseller names associated with these deals.  I added it to the Legend and get below.  The columns are shorter than without the legend, so I'm missing data:

Stacked Column Chart, Adding Reseller column in Legend (Note max is less)Stacked Column Chart, Adding Reseller column in Legend (Note max is less)

I have a column to filter between ADR/DMP (DMP are all the Reseller names that begin with a-, there are thousands of distinct "a-" values, though in any given week, there aren't that many to display, there are only a few hundred ADR names (no a-)).  This view I filter for ADR and see a subset, with peak around 20ish.

Filtering on ADR (different view)Filtering on ADR (different view)

Next if I filter on DMP, I get the original view with no filter.  The peak column is 10. 

Filtering on DMP (same as no filter)Filtering on DMP (same as no filter)

I suspect there's a legend buffer limitation, and the thousands of a- names (DMP) overflow the buffer so no ADR names get shown in the non-filtered view (as they start after the a- names alphabetically), so I'm not seeing all the data. 


So is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?



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There is a warning message in the upper-left corner of your visual as below. Pleas click it to see the message. I think it should be related to the reason about not seeing all the data.


Stack Column Chart Not all legend data is showing_1.jpg


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Thanks, I clicked on the Info button and it confirms that there are too many values:

 (can't figure out how to attach picture, message below).


"Too many values
Too many 'Reseller_Name_Corrected' values. Not displaying all data. Filter the data or choose another field.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID25d5ce29-46d7-1f0f-1c2a-5864da0f76a4
Request ID07e1ede3-4906-ea6f-ba83-ba21d62d3d19
Correlation IDe8b31951-a42f-8ddd-5271-c63caa42053e
TimeMon Mar 27 2017 09:37:41 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
So even though there isn't too much data for displaying on the graph, there are too many options for this stack column chart to sort through?  What is the limit? 
The error message implies I can filter down to make it work, but the data is already filtered down to a reasonable amount of values for the graph.  Seems like a limitation to PowerBI that can be fixed.  I also tried removing the legend from showing on the graph, and it still has the same result of not showing all the data.  Can this data limitation be fixed?
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It seems that you got the warning message in Power BI Service, how about the result if you create the same visual in Mar 2017 version of Power BI Desktop?


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I get the same result in Power BI Desktop (latest version March 2017) as well.image.png

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I'm having the same issue. I have over a hundred categories which i want to be used as a legend.

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I ran into this same issue too! For my data set it looks like 60 items is the maximum. I attempted to create a similar stacked chart in excel which doesn't run into this issue. Is this something that can be fixed in PowerBI?

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We had the same problem. The bar is not showing all the competitors as it should. 

It seems, that the legend could only show a limited number of values as it always says "Too many values". Now I´ve downloaded another version of bar chart in the market place and it worked 😉

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@PollyPocket91 Which version of bar chart did you download from the marketplace that worked? I'm running into this same issue

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having the same issue now as well.

 do we have an solution to this?