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Some dashboard tiles not refreshed in email subscription

I have a report page containing 2 types of visuals:

  -Matrix visual (standard powerbi)

  -Custom KPI visual from marketplace - (


Dataset is refreshed directly in powerbi service - no problem with that.


But in daily subscription email to this page i am getting not consistent results.

-standard powerbi visuals refresh just fine and on email preview are OK

-custom kpi inficator sometimes presents correct data and sometimes its from previous day.. What is more interesting is that having 5 of these kpi indicators on one page sometimes 3 out of 5 are refreshed correctly and rest is showing bull**bleep** or previous day data.

When viewing report in powerbi service everything is OK.


Please help me fix this issue or make standard KPI indicator with states as this custom one.



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Hi @atomek1000,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Would you please update the Card with States by OKViz to the latest version then try again? 


DesktopDesktopSubscribe emailSubscribe emailDashboardDashboard


When you receive the email, go to the dashboard, does this custom visual tile display the updated data? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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So after further investigation I need to change this issue because Visuals are properly refreshed but data is not consistent.

Some days it is 100% ok and some days its less data than it should be. Dax formulas are for sure OK.

Update of data is API + csv on sharepoint. CSV is quite big(30mb) and when refresh takes place in pbi desktop it takes at least 20-30 seconds. Api call should be quite fast - few seconds max, definately faster than sharepoint csv.


Problem is that when i see report on pbi service it always shows proper numbers.

And on email screenshots scenario is like 70% api load and only 70%(roughly) csv load, maybe there are some lag in powerQuery merging tables applying some functions?

So its not like only 1 data source is loaded, they are both but not fully loaded or there is some bug in powerbi processing of it.  When opening report in pbi service everything is correct


Please have a look at it...

Group: 0855ce18-d4ba-4787-ae55-56908a476d56

Report id: 523b7890-17a3-48b8-aa2d-42bd26bfbcda

Advocate II

I also have this issue on two different reports using SSAS live connection.   Both I and our CIO have subscriptions to the same reports, although they arrive at different times in the morning.  Sometimes mine will be missing data on a visual, sometimes his will.  Every once in a while the whole report with arrive blank.

Helper I

I'm having the same situation. A dashboard with multiple tiles from different reports is sent without all tiles refreshed. They refresh randomly.

I added the date when they were last refreshed but my users are not happy with it specially when it is the last day of the month and everyvody is looking at sales reports.


It would be ideal if subscriptions owrked like in SSRS where you can be very specific about the time the email should go out. The way it currently works is that the subscription is sent when one or many tiles are refreshed but it is not right.


I have the datasets refreshing at the same time but you know how it is, depending on the system load, that same time is relative.


Is there anything on the pipeline to fix this situation?