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Screen reader does not pick up text on page and alternative text box has a character limit


Two things: 


1) Screen readers do not pick up any text on a page. Screen readers only say things like "this is a text box" or "this is a card" but does not read what is inside the text box or card. This is not an issue with websites- Screen readers will pick up all text on a page. This is frustrating as it means we now have to go add alternative text into all of the text boxs, cards, etc. that we have on our report pages. 


2) Alternative text has a character limit. This brings me to my second issue. Now we have to add alt text to every single component or text that we have on our report pages, but the alt text does not allow us to enter more than 248 characters. 


Please eliminate the alt text character limits and please also implement something so that screen readers can pick up text on a report page. 



Status: New
Community Support


It is a known limitation for Alternative text:

Alt text

Alt text (alternative text descriptions) are used to describe the appearance and function of visuals and images on the report page to screen reader users. Report authors should add alt text to every object that conveys meaningful information on a report. Providing alt text ensures that consumers of your report understand what you are trying to communicate with a visual, even if they cannot see the visual, image, shape, or textbox. You can provide alt text for any object on a Power BI Desktop report by selecting the object (such as a visual, shape, and so on) and in the Visualizations pane, select the Format section, expand General, scroll to the bottom, and fill in the Alt Text textbox. The Alt Text textbox has a limit of 250 characters.


and for Screen reader, I tested with chrome Screen reader, it could work, maybe your Screen reader version is support in power bi for now, you may submit it in power bi idea forum as below: