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Direct Query Preview - Input query length exceeding the supported maximum length

I'm attempting to use the Direct Query preview feature that allows adding additional tables to an exsiting dataset and relating them. When I connect a new table to an existing table the report works fine and allows me to build any kind of visualization without issue using any field from either dataset. However, when I filter the new table with a field from the existing table(s) (there is a 1 to many relationship) I get the following error:


Input query length exceeding the supported maximum length.
RequestId: TDS;db6d47a3-32a9-42db-b34a-47b6efdc129e;2
Time: 2021-04-26T17:37:51.5467482Z. The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface.


Existing Dataset:

Account List - 180K rows - Azure SQL

New Table:

List of Opportunties - 300 rows - Dynamics365


This seems like a limitation in how the Direct Query is pulling the existing dataset. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. You may try the latest version of Power BI Desktop and share feedback via Ideas.