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Rest API not allowing connections

I am hitting the activity limit on the rest API after starting to use the 'Reports - Export To File In Group' feature this morning. I need to be able to send requests to this endpoint to develop my solution, and I'm going to need to be able to send more than just a few.

Who do I talk to to raise this limit, or alternatively minimize the retention period for generated files?



'{"error":{"code":"ActivityLimitReached","message":"You have too many pending requests to make another right now. Please wait."}}'



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@CasperLehmann ,


Please create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao

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Hey, I'm facing a similar issue, were you able to resolve this? How would I go about increasing API limit and such?

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I got to spent five hours pursuing this with three call-center representatives. They each had me write a "explanation of my problem in my own words," so including this post I've written the same bug report five times. Never got to speak to an engineer. I can't recommend the experience.


They said they would raise the limit, but I haven't confirmed this.


I have two recommendations for you in the development phase:

1. Test against a report with a single page. The setup they have created takes a report ID and bundles an image of all contained pages in a zip. This takes a while and clogs up the queue. Bundling a single page is quicker, so do that instead.

2. Once you make the initial call to compile the zip file, you get a second url that you can query to see if the bundle is ready. When the zip is available, it can be downloaded multiple times, so there is no reason to keep querying the first end-point and create new ones. Just redownload the first one as long as you are testing. I spent most of my time in this stage of development, because I needed to figure how to unzip the file in-memory.


@ProductTeam, if you are reading

1. Highten the limit for requests, thank you. It is impossible to work on this iteratively.

2. Scrap the zip bundle and allow me to download a single png. The bundle is a really bad idea. Feel free to call me.

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Hi @CasperLehmann 



In my case, I made a temporary solution implementin a waiting time of 5 minutes after a API in a Flow (Power Automate). This time increment give to workspace time to resolve all pending requests. This increase too much the time running a Flow, but solved my needs. Test how much time your API needs to work correctly.


The image below shows in portuguese-BR, but, it's just simple: PowerBI API for Reports => e-mail from shared box (to send reports in pdf to users) => waiting time of 5 minutes.




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The waiting time is not a problem. The arbitrary limit on requests is.