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Report Server September 2019 instance name in URL suddenly case sensitive

Hello together,


we just installed the Power BI Report Server September 2019 update to find out that URL suddenly is case sensitive for the "Reports" (Instance name?) which in the previous versions it wasn't!

URL of our server:

Example of a report URL previously working: --> with May 2019 working


With September 2019 the URL will forward the request to the Report Server root page (as in "not found").


This is a huge problem since customers may have bookmarked their report URLs and now their reports wont open after opening their bookmark... 


Any help/fix here is highly appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Status: Delivered
Community Support

Hi @ferzfeld


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here. 


Would love to know how to fix this in the quickest way possible...@ferzfeld did you receive any support yet?

Advocate II

Hi @etwa702 ,

our operating IT department created a support ticket with Microsoft regarding this issue.


But it gets even better - a lot of Custom Visuals (all Power BI certified by Microsoft) stopped working with the September 2019 release as well 😞 


@v-qiuyu-msftIs this a known issue for Microsoft? Should I raise another support ticket as well?

Frequent Visitor

We have the same problem here. Since September update (Version 15.0.1102.597) the url part "reports" is case sensitive.

All our distributed links does'nt work anymore.

This is a huge issue.


Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks!

Advocate II

I can only share this information so far:


"The bad behavior is confirmed and redirection is triggered by the JavaScript code of Portal.

I couldn't find a workaround for this issue.


Our Product Group was informed and I will share an update with you as soon as possible."


I'll keep you updated!

Frequent Visitor

I eventually just changed my Virtual Directory name in my reporting services. I noticed it was uppercased after installing the SEPT release. I had to bind my certificate again.


once I did that my old links worked again.

Frequent Visitor


Thanks, but our users used links with "reports" both uppercase and lowercase. So either way, half of the saved links does'nt work anymore.

Frequent Visitor

@dash1 you might want to consider keeping the URLs on a portal site somewhere (probably easier said than done if you have multple audiences looking at your reports). 


from the portal you are able to control the master URL and its behaviour.

New Member

I have the same issue with case sensitive and some custom visuals like "SmartFilter" and "TimeLine" stoped to work when published. They work normaly in Desktop, but not in the power bi report server portal. 

Regular Visitor

Hello, whe have exactly the same issue and we have to rollback to May 2019 version because no workaround are acceptable for users.
Please advise quickly aout a fixed version of september 2019 version.