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Replacing values in Power Query Editor



In a column I have duplicating values.

I just want to replace a duplicated value only in one row.

Replacing values in Power Query Editor using context menu Replace Values menu item, causes all duplicates of replaced value replaced to new one in a current selected column.


What I should do to replace only value only in current row ? 

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Hi, v-chuncz-msft.

Thanks for reply.


I modified and made it to work with my case, the formula described on that post. It works.


Simple example. Suppose we have Red Apples of $10 and Green Apples of $20. Let change all apples that s price is $10:

= Table.ReplaceValue(#"Changed Type", each [Price], each if [Price] = 10 and [Fruit]="Apple" then 20 else [Price], Replacer.ReplaceValue, {"Price"})


It is a way of automation, and very useful in convenient cases.

In other hand when click and change some cells case, it should be better to have a menu or direct rewrite opportunity of doing this.