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Publishing/refresh issues

Since yesterday, I encounter several probems with Power BI.


I am working on a report with Google Analytics data (the online connector does'nt provide enough data).

When I try to publish, I got this message, "An error occured when trying to publish [report]"


2017-01-17 10_22_41-Web_LXIII_mobile_4 - Copie - Power BI Desktop.png


The day before, I successfully published a twin report (data from another website, but same data, formulas and all), and today, I can't schedule its refresh. It's loading forever until this error message.

2017-01-17 10_30_31-Power BI.png




I downloaded the latest version, but nothing changed, I'm still stuck.


I noticed that sometimes, with very few data, it can be published (not scheduled to be refreshed, but published). However, a 1.12Mo file can be published but a 800ko can't. 


I noticed similar problems on PowerBI community, but nothing exactly like this ?


Best regards,


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Do you still have the same issue now? I just tried to get data from Google Analytic in Jan 2017 version of PBI Desktop. I can publish to PBI Service and get the dataset updated successfully as below. If you still have the above issue, could you please provide your PBIX file to me? You can upload it to online file service like OneDrive and share it.


Publishing refresh issues_1.jpg 


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