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PowerBI Embedded no longer running in Chrome 404

Getting a 404 on URL:


Works in Firefox, not in Chrome, Edge or Safari - we made no changes on our stack.


Any ideas how to fix?

Status: Delivered

Hi @awittman 

This issue has been fixed , please check it in your Service .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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Happens to us as well today.

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Getting this same issue starting today

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Ditto: Effects Chrome, Edge, and Safari. But FF still functions.

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We have the same issue. Works in Firefox but not in Chrome

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Same here. Same issue with PBI reports embedded in our sharepoint sites. It contains the same GET error as you posted

However, if you get the embed link, and paste it into a window/tab, it requests you to sign in, then the report will load



I think what happens is that, in the embedded, the browser is not able to get the contents of from the power BI Service

Microsoft needs to acknowledge this as soon as they can


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Experiencing the same issue with an embedded PowerBI report in our Sharepoint Online instance. The Power BI widget is stuck on the pulsing logo and never loads.


We also have the same report embedded into our Teams group, and it is loading very intermittently - often it won't load, but sometimes it will eventually load after a good 5 minutes or so (when it is usually instant).


Only tested in Edge and Chrome thus far, but will load Firefox to see if it circumvents the issue.

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FYI: I've tried spoofing firefox user agent to no avail






are failing to resolve... probably because all the broken PBI embdeds are being automatically reloaded every 5 second


Looks like MS is ddosing itself 😞


FYI, this well mean that firefox will stop working

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status page has been updated to



Power BI customers with tenants located in Australia East and South East Asia regions may experience issues accessing service. Engineers are investigating the issue and an update will be provided soon.


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Oh well at least they're now looking in to it, everyone remember to request your discount for not meeting SLAs:

Currently at <99.9% so 10% off this month, if it lasts another 2 hours (from when one of our clients first noticed it, so maybe even sooner) then this it is up to 25% discount.