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Power BI failed to Load the main page after login

Today I cannot login to power bi page. It says


Something went wrong.
Please try again later.
Date and Time: 2019-12-05 03:46:45Z
ActivityId: 2fd49895-9edc-4e36-995e-d9de01ed9bbb
Status: New
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Same problem @ north europe

ActivityId: 7ee8b08d-df53-4b1c-ad39-c029c9c1964f

Regular Visitor

Same problem, I created support ticket. 

ActivityId: 9f1ca8d1-974f-4cf9-9d3f-7b78f7e70612
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Yes, I am also experiencing Something went wrong. Try again later. Please advise. NORTH EUROPE


New Member

same issue here in Germany

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HI there,


Same issue in Singapore. Unable to load page after loging. 

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Hi, same issue in Germany. I can even not load the online main page

Helper III

I have the same issue, but after clear cache now its fine

New Member

same problem here @Cee after attempt to login gives me the error msg.


Helper III

Clear your cache it will fine, Just did now its fine

Regular Visitor

Same issue here in Norway. Using North Europe servers. I also just earned the 1st Anniversary badge on the community. I celebrate with saying that I hope Microsoft get their stuff together and start following up on these issues throughout the clock, not only when USA is awake.


I cannot imagine that we will receive a response from Microsoft on this until maybe 1 pm UTC