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Power BI On-demand refresh and scheduled refresh not working

Hi Team,


The Power BI on-demand and scheduled refreshes are not working after 8.00 AM CET time for North Europe users.

Can you please check this issue and respond. ?




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Same Issue from Greece. I have also tried to overwrite the report but it takes ages to upload.

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Same issue here, the same situation as last week tuesday. Manual refresh not working, scheduled refresh works in some occasions.

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This is now an error I get when manually initiating the refresh


Refresh error.PNG

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Microsoft recognised that there is an issue and have said they will be back by the end of the day..........

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Scheduled refresh and manual refresh not working. Also will not publish report from PBI Desktop unless you remove the report from service and re-publish from Desktop.

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Same issue here in Portugal.


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Although the issue must be clear now, let me just add that the same occurs here in Germany in our Premium Capacity.
Come on guys, my company is paying a lot of money, the service should run smoothly when you expect companies to make this their standard reporting tool.

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Same issue here for us in Germany/Berlin.


Please fix it!

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Also in Italy

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Same issue in Ireland. I've identified the following facts:


  • New reports can be published (Technically you could rename an existing desktop report and publish to your group/workspace e.g. "Daily Report Version 2")
  • Existing reports cannot be re-published (as these datasets already exist on the cloud, any attempt to change/update them during the re-publishing process is failing)
  • Deleting existing datasets on the Power BI service is also restricted (Although it looks like the change is accepted, refreshing the page shows the datasets to still be present, meaning you can't delete and publish your existing desktop report as new)
  • All scheduled/manaual refreshes are failing 

Taking all this into account, new uploads are successful, but anything existing on the service can currently not be updated, edited or deleted.


Best regards,