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Power BI On-demand refresh and scheduled refresh not working

Hi Team,


The Power BI on-demand and scheduled refreshes are not working after 8.00 AM CET time for North Europe users.

Can you please check this issue and respond. ?




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I'm experiencing the same issues.


I used to refresh the dataset manually and the reports would reflect immediately. It was working yesterday but seems to be giving issues today.



Community Support

@yentln Please post a new thread with detail information. Thanks. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Installed last update but it still not working for me.

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just encountered the same issue in Australia. 
this is after refreshing the data source 2 times and it still only refreshes till friday. 

Refresh Errors.PNG

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We are having the same issue!

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Same issue here 😞

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Same here (Germany). The manual refresh in Desktop is working, the scheduled refresh in Service isn´t. Sometimes I get an error message, sometimes not.


Refresh history.png

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This issue has also been posted here. I wrote what worked for me on a response in that post yesterday:

I encountered the same issue. I got it back to working order by:

  1. Uninstalling Microsoft Edge WebView2 and
  2. Rolling back my 64-bit Power BI desktop version to 2.95.983.0 64-bit (July 2021).

I don't know which one worked, but I spent too many hours fixing it to experiment further.


I didn't think to remove the checkmark from the Power BI Desktop infrastructure update in the Options and Settings "Preview features" section before trying the troubleshooting actions above. That Preview feature option, connected to Microsoft Edge WebView 2, was released in July 2021.


10/26/21 Update:

I can manually refresh, but scheduled refreshes via the data gateway are not working. I'm assuming that's because my Power BI desktop version (2.95.983.0 64-bit July 2021) doesn't match the Gateway October version (3000.101.16  2021-10-13). I reinstalled the Power BI desktop October version and removed the check mark from Power BI Desktop infrastructure update in the Options and Settings "Preview features" section. This time, the refresh window isn't a phantom. It appears, but hangs on the Evaluating stage for the first table listed and the Waiting for other queries stage for all other tables. I also tried this with the Power BI desktop September/August versions and got the same result. I guess I'll have to stay at the July version and refresh manually until this is fixed.





This is one of the error messages that kept popping up before I started troubleshooting the refresh / apply changes issue. I also received an "Invoke attempt failed" error message.


Before I fixed it, this was the "phantom" window that would appear beside the Power BI window on my (Windows) taskbar. It looks like the small Refresh status window was attempting to appear, but it couldn't complete. What you see in the image below didn't show on the screen, but could hover over the Power BI icon on my taskbar to reveal it. It was triggered by attempting to manually refresh the data or apply changes in the Power Query window.

PBI Phantom Window original.jpg