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Power BI Desktop WebView2 crash

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2. We need your help to understand and fix this issue. If you are willing to help out, please contact us at

Status: Accepted

Hi @rahulshevde ,


Sorry, but we couldn’t provide any support outside this post. There are several existing ICM(292502976, 294087216) related to WebView2 crash, and product group is investigating on such issue. Will follow up them and sync here once there is update. In addition, please make sure you are using latest version of Power BI Desktop and try different versions of WebView2 at the same time. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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I just got hit with this. 

I presume it was caused because I accidentally forgot to apply a filter on a very big measure while also refresh a large dataset basically making my computer run out of memory. Or so I presume. First thing I noticed something was odd was when Teams said it has a glitch and needed to restart. Then Chrome died and all my windows reorganized on different screens (got 3 screens). Power BI was "running", thought it was frozen just like the query that was running. 

Once I force closed Power BI through taskmanager, I got hit with a pop-up to get in touch. Which I ignored, obviously, but then it threw up 3 more pop-ups with the same message so I was "fine, okay, I'll go to that page". Now my screen is just black on the screen where it used to be so I think I need another force close or something to kill it eventually.  

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Just got hit with this (again), so turning it off on all my machines (again).

It's been kind of incredible and quite disturbing to watch the catastrophic issue with this fundamental feature roll on for 14 months now. My fear is that one day a gung-ho PM will just go: "You know what, I say it's ready! Oorah!".  Pushing this feature out of Preview would foist it on the millions of users of Power BI Desktop, soon affecting the many more millions of consumers of Power BI content, including the public relying on critical government healthcare data.

In the meantime, y'all have lost another few data points in your instrumentation - does it look like this issue is going away yet?

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I am having this issue as well.

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Just experienced this crash. It happened when I was trying to restart the computer, and had to stop that process to close outlook. PowerBi had crashed with a popup message that brought me here.


Nothing serious. I have to restart the computer anyways, and was done with PowerBi at the time. I'll be back if the issue pops up after the restart.

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My dashboard is not updating all data present

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Suddenly having this issue out of nowhere.

IT dept refreshes connection so I can get back onto Desktop then if I have the audacity to try and switch between two sheets it comes up again

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Having similar issue

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D-Day has arrived - good luck everyone!

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Just had the WebView2 error. Power BI version is Version: 2.119.986.0 64-bit (July 2023). The error occurs for me when almost exclusively when I remove my laptop from a docking station. It does not occur every time, but frequently enough. 

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Encontré una solución espero les sea de ayuda.

Primero les quisiera contar el error como se presentaba en mi equipo y como se dio la solución por “casualidad”.

1- Mi equipo venía presentando un problema con los navegadores Microsoft Edge y también con Google Chrome, los cuales se cerraban sin ningún tipo de aviso, intente reinstalar, borrar registros, extensiones, historial, en general todo, pero nada funcionaba.

2- Empecé a utilizar power Bi hace poco tiempo, el cual también se cerraba, pero me arrojaba el error de WebView2 para el cual probé todas las soluciones respecto a reinstalar de nuevo e incluso creo que modifiqué el registro de acuerdo a algún tutorial, se repitó la historia, nada funcionó.

3-Solución: Encontré que hay una herramienta en W10 llamada "Visor de Eventos", ahí busqué los eventos de Aplicación de tipo error de la hora en se me cerró el navegador, (En su caso podría ser en el momento en que se cerró Power Bi u otro programa que les presente error)



Ahí visualicé, que el error de la aplicación coincide con la aplicación que se cerró sin aviso, pero también una ruta de un módulo con errores que pertenece a otro programa, el cual desinstalé y ahora mis navegadores y Power Bi funcionan correctamente

Saludos, espero funcione para ustedes también.

@ADMusselman , @mike_honey