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Power BI Desktop WebView2 crash

Power BI is experiencing a problem with WebView2. We need your help to understand and fix this issue. If you are willing to help out, please contact us at

Status: Delivered

Hi all ,

We have noticed your problem, this problem is mostly related to the environment, usually anti-virus and code integrity conflict, or webview2 should be upgraded, you can refer to this document below.

Resolve startup issues with Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

If the problem still exists, you need to collect logs for further troubleshooting.Since community support engineers don't have that access, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket. And a dedicated Microsoft engineer will come to solve the problem for you.

It would be great if you continue to share in this issue to help others with similar problems after you know the root cause or solution.

The link of Power BI Support:

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

New Member

I changed some parameters in the PBI file and in the Motherboard BIOS.

Some of the sources in the project had the a "#" in the path, like D:\PBI\#FILES.

The BIOS was configured to be "GAME OPTIMIZED". I Changed this for standart.

After this two modifications all the error messages I got dissapeared.

Memorable Member

It's wild to me that this Preview feature is still causing people issues, over a year after it was introduced. Thankfully it's still in Preview, but my fear is that one day a hard-driving PM lets it rip on the millions of users of this product.  It's just that it's a core feature of almost every task in Power BI Desktop.  If there is this much ongoing pain while it is still an opt-in Preview feature, imagine the carnage if it went GA!

While not the "Duke Nukem Forever" of Power BI Desktop Preview features (that honour undoubtably goes to the Shape Map visual), it is moving steadily up the "leader board".

Advocate I

I received the same error .


MМ (5).png

New Member

Don't know why but it stucked. 

Regular Visitor

Similar to the above, I chose to restart my laptop before begining the weeks work and saw notice that PowerBi Desktop and another App was still opened. I cancelled the restart to save and close PowerBi especially but received the White Blank Screen with a notice that there's an error with WebView.





Frequent Visitor

It has been over a year since this problem started to happen and Microsoft doesnt have a solution yet?

New Member

@ Hi Team ,


Once I click on refresh button below error recived ,plz help 

Power BI Desktop WebView2 crash

New Member

Webview2 is not working in PowerBI community due to which i can't apply changes in the project.

New Member

@Anonymous , I used text analytics in power query to score the sentiments and after that I am unable to load the data to power bi desktop and getting webview 2 error everytime when I try to apply changes.

Regular Visitor

Hi everyone.


I had the same problem, Power BI desktop (and Edge) were crashing time and time again. This happened just all of the sudden, it had been working perfectly before but now it started crashing and that pop up appeard "There's a problem with WebView2".

Felt like I tried everything but then I realized that I recently installed an Citrix app/client for work and that application were runnning in the background all the time apparently. I uninstalled it and now everything is working just fine again.