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Personalize This Visual blank

Hi everyone !🖐


Some users in my conpany have an issue with the Personalize This Visual pane.

They can't make any personalisation because the pane display just the header (see below)




I've never encounter this problem yet. Can someone help me one that ?




Status: Delivered

Hi all,


 The product team has acknowledged the issue and completed the fix.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Anonymous ,


I did a simple test but did not reproduce your problem.
Based on your description it seems that the problem only occurs with some users in the organization? Can you provide some similarities between these users for us to troubleshoot?


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Advocate II

Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft,


This is not specific to this other user's organization - our users are reporting this same issue!  Please work to resolve this ASAP.  

Advocate II

Here is an example screenshot:



Regular Visitor

We have the same issue. It does not effect everyone in the organization. 

Regular Visitor

We are facing the same issue and I found out that it only occours when users are accessing personal bookmarks and try to personalize those as step 1. 

If a user access a "normal" report and try to personalize visuals it is working - and afterwards they can also access a bookmark and personalize it. But if the personalize feature is not "activated" through a non-bookmark report as step 1, they can't personalize their bookmarks. 

As a temporary fix users can also refresh their browser and then they are able to personalize their bookmarks.

I have tested the case accross different tenant and user roles and the issue is consistant between those. 

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Hello everyone,


Thank you so much @AnnesofieS . I could reproduce the issue on my own and also fix the problem with the temporary solution.


I hope they will fix that asap 🙂


Thanks again

Regular Visitor

Hi Support or @v-xiaoyan-msft,


We have the same issue for some users with Personalize this Visual in GOOGLE CHROME. Would be great if you can fix the issue ASAP. 

Helper I

Yes, experiencing the same issue last week.  Please fix.  

Advocate I

This has happened to me recently and now two other colleagues. 

We've overcome the issue by logging out of Power BI and restarting the browser (Edge). 

I cannot replicate the problem by using a Personal Bookmark as suggested by @AnnesofieS above, but maybe others are having that experience...? 

Regular Visitor

Same here, some users have been experiencing this same issue since last week. MS, please fix this.