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OKViz Bullet Chart new Update Broken - Data Labels & States

The new update of the OKViz Bullet Chart ( released on the 19th of July broke data labels & some things about states. It seems that if data labels are turned on, only the top category is displayed, and no data labels are shown either:

Without data labels:


With data labels:


All formatting options in the data labels formatting category are also greyed out. This is a crucial issue that broke a number of dashboards and required a massive amount of manual intervention and fixes. Its also a shame the data labels can no longer be used as they were a key feature.

There is also a new bug with the States feature. You can usually apply 5 states to the visual (above I've colored them red/amber/green). Before the update, you could have 5 separate colors based on 5 measures that you would add to the "States" visual settings. The 5th and final state, would respond to the measure you added. Now, the 5th and final state no longer pulls in the measure data, and just fills the full background. In the example above I've colored the 5th state white, and the 4th state uses a measure corresponding to my target + is green to achieve sort of what I used to have (banded states ending at the target). This means I've lost a color band and am restricted to 4 states only instead of 5. But to give you an idea of how it used to look:
Before update: 
After update:




Status: Delivered

Kindly check the comments below,

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @mostvp123 ,


I don't seem to be able to reproduce your issue correctly, can you provide a simple sample pbix (without sensitive information).
I look forward to hearing from you so we can investigate more deeply, and once we can confirm that it is a bug we will bring it to the attention of the internal ICM to fix it as soon as possible.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Regular Visitor

I'm having this issue as well. With category lables turned on I only get the top result in my visuals and when I turn it off I'm able to see them all. Also, when I click "show as table" it outputs the correct results from the erroneous table. Truly frustrating as I use this visual on a few reports. I was actually on version 9.2 when I noticed it then updated to 9.4 but that did nothing. 





If anyone wants to duplicate/troubleshoot you can download the visual here or within the PowerBI "get more visuals" page. 



Helper III

@v-xiaoyan-msft I've had exactly the same issue as @RemJ on a production report, not a good look. My work around is to switch data labels off (even though they then seem to display correctly)

New Member

I have the same issue.

I use the visual to show the sales by store, where the store is a category, so I need to switch on the category. The problem is only reproduced from Power BI Service (the issue is not present in the desktop version).

Helper III

I did actually have the same issue in Desktop

Regular Visitor

I have the issue both in my published reports and on the desktop version 

Frequent Visitor

The same issue occurred to my report, had to turn off the category Axis. But don't know how to make it look as previous one...

New Member

About the issue of the label in this visual, just changed the position of the label from "Auto" for any position, do the job.

Solution Sage

Just a note to add to this discussion, there is a dedicated repository for these issues on the OkViz github. 

Advocate I

Hi I have the same issue. I noticed it on Wed 20th 2022.  I also have a lot of pages with this issue which I would not like to modify.  Do you have an ETA to fix this issue?